[Team Interview] FlyQuest WildTurtle : "When we started scrimming, I saw our potential."

Although FlyQuest didn’t make too good of a result during the previous Split, they solidified their image within the fandom of the NA LCS: the veteran team with the best brainy players of NA. With the remarkable shotcaller Hai, and the maestro of picks & bans, Lemonnation, the roster consisted of many veteran players. Unfortunately for them, the gameplay didn’t always go as planned.

However, in preparation for the 2018 Season, FlyQuest thoroughly changed its constitution. They took in two veteran mercenaries from Korea, along with two rookies. The only member left from the last Split, is the NA LCS veteran, WildTurtle. With this roster, FlyQuest looks closer to being ‘balanced’, which wasn’t too visible before.

Of course, a good first impression isn’t always followed by good results. While we were wondering how the five players were, we were luckily able to meet FlyQuest at their boot camp in Korea.

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▲ RapidStar, Robert Yip, Flame, AnDa, Stunt, WildTurtle,
Josh Kim and Fly (From Left to Right)

Please introduce yourselves.

Flame: Hi, I'm the new toplaner for FlyQuest.

AnDa: Hello, I'm Andy Hoang, and I'm the jungler for FlyQuest.

Fly: Hi.

WildTurtle: I'm WildTurtle and I'm the ADC for FlyQuest.

Stunt: Hi, I'm the support player for FlyQuest.

Have you guys been developing synergy here in Korea? 

Flame: It's working out better than I had expected. My opinions regarding the team so far are positive.

How is the botlane synergy?

WildTurtle: Right now, Stunt and I have just started off as a new botlane, so we're not exactly on the same page. We're just trying to play with each other a lot more. When you first start playing with a new support, you usually run into a lot of problems - with trading and moving together. We're still at the beginning stage, but Stunt is learning fast and I'm getting accustomed to his playstyle. Once we start understanding each other a lot more, it'll get much better.

Have you guys become good friends with each other? How is the communication?

Coach RapidStar: I will speak on behalf of the players. The team atmosphere is great, and the process of giving feedback is smooth and positive. They all have a great and positive mentality.

This is a question for AnDa. Normally, the synergy between the jungler and the top/mid laners are important. In the case of FlyQuest, the top and mid are both Korean. Are there any difficulties in communication?

▲ Fly was a fairly reserved person.

 As for Flame, since I worked with him during the Summer Split, I came to understand how to communicate well with him. As for Fly, his English isn't too great yet, so I have an easier time communicating with Flame. But we're getting better at it.

Head Coach, Robert Yip: I think Fly's English is actually a lot better than what I had initially thought. I was a little bit worried in the beginning, but after watching him play, I took notice of how he always says the right things at the right time. I think Fly is a very smart player, so once we give him English lessons and he improves on his English, he'll be able to discuss the more complex things with the team. That's the only part that he is missing, as he has everything else. 

While scrimming, who steps up as the team leader?

Flame: We don't have a system like that. All of us are making the calls.

(To Stunt) How do you rate WildTurtle as an ADC?

Stunt: WildTurtle has a lot of experience, so I can learn a lot from him. He's been through a lot of different situations in the botlane before, and he knows how to play them out and influence the map. Although I think we're often on different pages, we just need to fight a lot in lane to find the best way to play.

(To Stunt) Is there something that you want fixing?

Stunt: Yeah, we've been fixing a lot of things already. I think when we get back to NA, we'll be one of the strong botlanes.

(To WildTurtle) You're the only player on the team that played for FlyQuest last Split. What kind of changes came to the team with the new members? 

WildTurtle: I expect us to do a lot better than what we did in the past. Having new teammates feel great when you're looking for a fresh start. Even if you are playing under the same name-brand, playing with new teammates is always exciting. I have high expectations for this roster.

(To RapidStar) What do you focus on when you're giving feedback to your players? Macro management? 

RapidStar: I make sure to check up on every aspect of their gameplay. But if I'm to point out what I find the most important, it's the duty and the role that each individual player needs to fulfill on their own. In the beginning, they had a bit of a problem in communicating, but they're developing at a very rapid pace.

(To RapidStar) What kind of results do you expect from your team during the Spring Split?

RapidStar: Although it's too early to say; if at their best, I think this roster has the capability to aim for the Finals or even the trophy itself.

Is there a team in the NA LCS that you guys have your eyes on?

WildTurtle: For me, personally, TSM. I've never played against Zven and Mithy before, despite the fact that the two have always been a great botlane. Having them in NA will be great because I think they'll teach a lot of the botlanes here in NA. I think they'll be very strong.

Flame: I think TSM will be strong. Also, I can't help but recognize TeamLiquid... because they have so many of my former teammates on their roster. I also think CLG and 100 Thieves will do well next Split. 

AnDa: I'm interested in TeamLiquid because I think it'd be fun to play against Xmithie. I used to be behind him during the last Split. I want to say that I'm better.

Stunt: I think Arrow is a great ADC, but I don't think OpTic's botlane will do too well. As for the other botlanes, I don't think too much of them.

(To Flame) A lot of your former teammates went to a different team. Are you "sad" or "disappointed" in them in any way for leaving you?

Flame: I actually had a window of opportunity to make the choice, but I was considering whether I should or not make that choice for a very long time. But at the moment, I'm very satisfied with FlyQuest.

(To Flame) Do you have anything to say to your former teammates?

Flame: I'm not the type to trash-talk, but as opponents, I want my team to do better than theirs. And one of the biggest reason why I didn't go to TeamLiquid is that, if I was going to move with all of Immortals, I found it necessary that our coach came with us as well - as a whole. I was initially looking to join an LCK team... but if I was going to stay with the IMT group, I really wanted our coach to come with us as well. But he had found a new place. At the time, it was very sad and disappointing for me. 

Was there a player that made you say, "Wow, I always wanted to play with him. He seems really nice"?

WildTurtle: My first impression of FlyQuest was mostly positive. When we started scrimming, and I saw our potential. That made me really happy. I think we can make it far in NA.

AnDa: WildTurtle. He's good and really nice. He's really fun to be with and to talk with. He's also more reserved. He's nice to have around.

Flame: The teammates were just like what I had expected. Stunt always says, "Okay, okay" on voice chat, both him and Wildturtle are very energetic, and I can't hear AnDa during scrim - I would like him to raise the volume of his mic. Also, Fly is a lot quieter than I had initially thought.

(To WildTurtle) Do you have anything to say about your goals and determination for the next Split?

WildTurtle: I just want to say that there are a lot of new faces around me, and this encourages me to work even harder. I'm extremely motivated right now, and we'll definitely improve a lot. Also, I didn't expect our team to underperform that much as I had expected our team to at least make playoffs during the last Split. But I don't want to dwell on the past too much because I try my best to not have any regrets in my life.

Have you guys met any other professional players while playing Solo Queue here in Korea?

WildTurtle: CoreJJ used to play in NA, so I matched with him and I talked with him. That was pretty fun.

AnDa: Mostly, Pobelter. I also became friends with Karsa back when I was in IMT and I met him again here.

Have you guys run into TeamLiquid yet? They're staying at the same hotel that you guys are.

Flame: I actually ran into Olleh in the elevator. I ate with him. He also asked me to meet up with him for dinner yesterday... I said no. (Laughs)

(To RapidStar) In which direction are you guys trying to mold FlyQuest, especially when considering the weakness that FlyQuest had in the past?

RapidStar: As the team has just been renewed, there is no significant weakness. We are currently focusing on the basics, as I have mentioned before, the "basics" are the most important part of this game. Once we get that down perfectly, we'll move onto the next step. Fly, WildTurtle, and Flame already have a lot of it for themselves, as they have been playing for a while. As for the remaining two players, they are fairly new to the scene, but they're learning very fast. So I think the team will become more "complete" at a fast pace.

(To RapidStar) You've said that all 5 of your players have a strong mentality. Does that mean they don't become frustrated from losing?

RapidStar: There's not a single player that doesn't become upset from losing. The team atmosphere is good, and it's up to me to handle the players' emotions.

Out of the three players that just arrived(WildTurtle, Stunt, and AnDa), who's the highest on the ladder right now?

WildTurtle: Probably me, with Master 0LP. But the other two have higher MMR than me.

How's the teamhouse?

Robert Yip: All the players have their own rooms, separate from each other. They can even bring their own lady friends to their spaces if they want. Just kidding.(laugh) Once they finish scrimming during work hours, players can return to their own places. 

Are there players that are dating at the moment?

Flame: I want to add something. The start of a Split is very important. If you win in a team, the team atmosphere obviously becomes extremely positive. But, you know a team is really good if the team atmosphere remains great even after losing. I will not date anyone and I will put my undivided attention into practice, and practice only. 

What are the individual goals of each member here?

RapidStar: I want our team to make it to MSI. In my opinion, making it to MSI is very important for a team. 

WildTurtle: My personal goal is to be the most consistent player that I can be. I want to be a more reliable ADC.

The first few days I've been here, RapidStar told me that he wants to go to Worlds and that he wants me to take him there. Hopefully, my team and I can play well and take him there. Also, I want to become at least a top 3 or 4 player in NA.

Stunt: The format of the regular split will be BO1, so I just want to get to the playoffs. My main goal is to get to Worlds and endure the journey to get there. If we keep learning, I know that we can make it.

Team Manager, Josh Kim: My goal is to make sure that every player here is smiling, every day. That's my job. I want to be a manager that helps the players grow and realize that we can always get through hard times.

Is there anything that you guys want to do in Korea before going back to NA?

WildTurtle: I want to pick up a few gifts for me and my family since Korea has great merchandise. 

AnDa: Same for me.

Lastly, can you guys give each other a word of advice?

WildTurtle: For Stunt, we have the best botlane in America. I can see your improvement from game to game and that's very exciting. For Flame, I think you need to chill a lot more because you keep dying. (Laughs) And for Fly, I think you're very consistent. If you keep that up, we'll be a great team.

Stunt: For WildTurtle, I don't think you're going to last very long as a vegan. For Flame, treat me to a massage.

AnDa: I want to get closer to my teammates over the years, together. Turtle, you might be a little too troll for me. 

RapidStar: I won't need to say much because the players probably already know. I just want them to continue to do their best, as they have been doing great so far. A player needs motivation and the desire to do better to improve. I want them to keep up with what they have been doing. 

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