Master of East Asian Martial Arts that wields the Crescent Pendulum: Lahn, a new BDO class open for pre-creation!

The pre-creation for the new class, Lahn, will be open on Black Desert Online KR. Lahn uses a special weapon called the Crescent Pendulum, a sharp bladed pendulum dangling at the end of a long rope, which she holds in her right hand, while using an Ancient Blade in her left hand as her secondary weapon to defend herself between her pendulum attacks.

As the pre-creation began, a portion of her skills were revealed as well. First, Salpuree is Lahn’s main skill which launches the target into the air and inflicts damage by swinging the Crescent Pendulum around. This skill deals great AoE damage. As for her Pendulum Kick, Lahn will kick the pendulum at the target, knocking them down once hit. With one of her other skills, Boat Orchid, she spins around to throw the pendulum at the area the target is standing, causing a ripple to break out. You can either pull the target closer to you or push them away with a skill combo afterwards.


She is known as the maid that mastered martial arts in the far east and uses skills that reference Chinese martial arts. Her Pendulum Waltz is a skill that makes Lahn jump swiftly into the air and run like the wind, also allowing Lahn to change directions in mid-flight. Using Spring Breeze will let Lahn jump swiftly forward at the target, and you can either inflict damage or CC depending on what skill combos you use with it.

※ The names of Lahn's weapons and skills are temporary translations and will be changed once the official terms are released. 



▶Lahn’s Idle Stance in the Lobby





▶ Lahn’s Skill Motions




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    level 1 Frank

    They should've given the ninja the kusarigama as a main-hand instead of having to share a short-sword with 2 other classes.

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