"Why so serious?" - Unique Picks MIA in All-Star Event


Today’s cartoon is about the seriousness of the 2017 All-Star Event.

The finale of the 2017 LoL All-Stars is now over. This is a competition conducted to end the year, but this year, the atmosphere was somewhat different from the previous All-Star competitions. Before, everybody was just enjoying themselves, but this year, everyone was more serious - it looks like an international competition.

Many fans think that Riot was happy with the prosperity of Rift Rivals, which was held for the first time in 2017, and that they are trying to continue that atmosphere and influence. However, compared to the Rift Rivals, the All-Star event became a competition having popular players battling seriously against each other, without any stakes.

Of course, seriousness can be positive; fans have another chance to witness the skills of players who weren’t able to show everything they have at Worlds or Rift Rivals. Many fans did enjoy the event, but the shift in the competition’s atmosphere begs the question: is this what the fans really want to see at LoL All-Stars?

Is it because we were already used to the fun and unusual plays seen in previous All-Star events? Some of the main reasons fans anticipate the All-Star competitions were the unusual picks and the riddling strategies of the players. Seeing players get along with their “enemies” and enjoying themselves with a light-hearted contest was an important part of the All-Star appeal. We were able to briefly see one of those moments at the Garen matchup between Rekkles and PraY in this year.

Of course, serious matches found international competitions are interesting as well. There were some who have said there’s no meaning in LoL All-Stars just being a fun event. However, for the fans who enjoy the more carefree atmosphere of the All-Star events, the seriousness found this year is not very welcome. Will the LoL All-Stars change next year? Though there’s still a whole year left till the next one, one can’t help but wonder how it will turn out.

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