The cities are a bit too risky? How about going for smaller houses in Miramar?

The long-anticipated Desert map has been finally revealed. PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) revealed the map on the test server at 7:00 PM on December 8th (KST). The map has much more traversable land compared to Erangel.

Miramar has more cities than Erangel as well, and the concentration of their buildings is quite high, making it a bit difficult to loot the whole city with one squad. Therefore, most players tend to loot while looking out for each other in one city.

The disadvantage is that you need to risk your life while looting in major cities. Thus, you may need to loot small houses around the cities in Miramar to keep safe, and this article contains a few recommended spots.

Where would you go to loot other than major cities?


South of Los Leones

Los Leones is the biggest city in Miramar. You can easily fully gear up with the loot found among the numerous buildings. Many players, therefore, tend to land here, but there are also a number of houses to the south of Los Leones.

Looting here is quite efficient with the flat and two-story houses. However, the distance between each house is quite far, and you may easily get killed if you don’t have any attachment such as a red dot sight at least. Although the land is blanketed by a golden wheat field, there are no trees in the area, so you need to be cautious while passing through.

Small houses to the south of Los Leones
There are many good houses for looting


North of Valle Del Mar

If you are a hiker, the north of Valle Del Mar is highly recommended. This are features many cliffs, making it difficult to travel compared to other areas. However, you can easily spot vehicles around the road, and you can also get a lead by intercepting passing vehicles.

Valle Del Mar is located to the lower left from the center of the map, thus you may need to hop in a vehicle and move if the location of the blue zone is quite far away. Moreover, the number of houses is lower than in other areas, which deters a lot of players from going there. This can work to your advantage, however, as the lack of competition makes it much safer.

Houses in the canyon
Though it’s hard to climb, you can even become a bandit after looting houses


West of El Pozo

Many players will land and battle in the city of entertainment as well. To the west of the city is a number of villages right under a massive cliff, and they also have buggies and/or motorcycles that spawn nearby. The ruins also have a good amount of weapons, attachments, and ammunition, so it is a fairly good place to check out as well.

However, it is incredibly difficult to leave the area when either another player steals your vehicle or if vehicles do not spawn in the area. The blue zone is usually fixed around Los Leones or El Azahar, making El Pozo look like Zharki in Erangel. The chances of encountering other players are low except in the Ruins, thus the area is recommended for those who would like to avoid early encounters and loot peacefully.

There are also a couple of houses to the west of El Pozo
Loot in the north or south of the Ruins and Trailer Park

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