[LoL All-Star] Winners of All-Star, LPL: "The number of barons mlxg has gotten stolen today is probably more than the barons he had lost this year."

On the 10th of December, the Finals of the 2017 LoL All-Star took place. The one to take the cup was the region that maintained focus all throughout the match, LPL. To prepare for the tournament, the players from LPL had met and stayed under the same roof for 1 week - which could be the source of their 3-2 victory. The LPL All-Stars displayed fantastic performance before taking down the top players of every region.

After the Finals, they were interviewed by the media from around the world.

¤ (To Uzi) The Finals was very intense. We heard that you had a hand injury. Wasn’t it difficult playing with such a handicap?

Uzi: It was very intense. And yes, I do have a hand injury, but I didn’t pay too much attention to it.

¤ (To Coach FireFox) What word of encouragement did you give the team when the score was tied 2:2?

FireFox: I told them to “don’t linger on the thought of having lost the previous game. Stay focused on the next game.” I also advised them to play their individual style instead of holding themselves back for the sake of the team.

¤ (To Meiko) Who made the calls?

Meiko: Mainly ‘mlxg’ and I. Whenever mlxg informed the team about which jungle path that he took, I gave him the calls to gank X lane.

¤ (To 957) The Finals was a full series. Wasn’t it physically tiring?

957: I enjoyed the entire tournament. I did get a bit frustrated when we constantly had our objectives(Dragon/Baron) stolen.

¤ (To Xiye) During the series today, in order to save ‘mlxg’, you used both your Summoners’ Spell and ultimate. Did mlxg compliment you on that play?

Xiye: mlxg said, “your usage of heal was great, thanks.”

¤ (To Xiye) As told by ‘957’, you guys had multiple dragons and Barons stolen. What did you think of that? In addition, what were you planning to take revenge?

Xiye: I’ve had objectives stolen during the LPL season, but I never expected to have this many stolen while playing atop an international stage. So I advised the team, “to prevent having our objectives stolen, let’s not go for them if the enemy jungler is alive.”

¤ (To mlxg) What were your thoughts going against Karsa?

mlxg: Karsa is a scary opponent. He was especially scary when he stole Baron. He performed a lot of amazing plays.

¤ (To Uzi) At the last moment, a cutthroat team fight occurred. What was the deciding factor for the team fight win?

Uzi: In order to beat LMS in a team fight, our only option was to kill Gnar first.. This almost happened but my teammates helped me peel off the enemies. I think that is why we won.

¤ (To 957) In this All-Stars, Annie top was picked. How do you feel about top Annie?

957: Annie, like Kennen, is good against non tanky champions in the top lane. I don’t think she is good against tanky top laners.

¤ (To Coach Firefox) Did you prepare a lot for this All-Star?

Coach Firefox: Because it was not a serious tournament, I didn’t prepare that much. I focused on picks/bans, and I didn’t want to put any pressure on my players. We were the only team to group together within the prior 1st week of All-Stars. Because of this, our practice time was a lot longer compared to that of other teams.

¤ (To Meiko) What team had the biggest impression?

Meiko: Because LMS made it to the finals, they had the biggest impression for me.

¤ (To Uzi) You guys made it all the way  to the finals. If you had to pick an MVP who would it be?

Uzi: I want to give it to 957. In this tournament, he performed safe and smart.

¤ (To Xiye) Every game was a clot. After the games, what did you guys discuss?

Xiye: We talked about the baron steals. We joked around saying that the number of times mlxg lost baron this year is less than the number of barons he got stolen today.

¤ (To Uzi) Can we look forward to you winning the World Championships next year?

Uzi: I definitely want to win Worlds next year.



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