[LoL All-Star] Xiye : “I played against Faker without any pressure or stress.”

The semifinals of LoL All-Star Event 2017 ended with the win of LPL by 2:1. People watched with high expectations of the match between the LCK All-Stars and the LPL All-Stars. Mid laner Xiye, who has already been showing his talent at international matches, led the team to victory by playing Malzahar in the first and third set.


The below is the interview with LPL All-Star, Xiye.


Q. How do you feel, reaching the finals?

I am very happy to have reached the finals. My mind is fluttering because we are a step closer to being champions.

Q. Your team was ahead in the mid lane fights and the jungle, how was it?

Mlxg was pushing Ambition around, so I played comfortably.

Q. What was your thoughts while playing against Faker?

I played with a comfortable mind. I played without pressure or stress.

Q. The next match is against the LMS All-Stars. How will you play against them?

The stress and pressure is less than playing against LCK. I think that we’ll win again tomorrow, because we defeated LCK today.

Q. We’ve heard that LPL All-Stars had a training camp before the event. Did that help you?

The results of the practice weren’t very good. I think that we won today because we were all enjoying the game.

*The below is the interview after the match during the broadcast.

Q. What was the key of taking down the Korean All-Star team today?

I think all five members played really well, that's why we defeated Korea.


Q. How would you say the team atmosphere is like now, and how are you able to show such great performance with this mixed team?

I think all members are very good mashed together, and we have a lot of fun outside of the game. That's why we are so good inside of the game.


Q. All the crowd seems to be LPL fans. How did that help you?

Even though we are in LA, it feels like we are in the LPL home court, which gives me a lot of energy to win games.

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