[LoL All-Star] LPL Uzi : “Calling me the best AD player makes me feel pressure.”

The semifinals of the LoL All-Star Event 2017 was held on December 9th (PST). The LCK All-Stars played against the LPL All-Stars. The LPL All-Stars defeated LCK 2:1 and advanced to the finals. After the match, we interviewed LPL’s best ADC, Uzi.


The below is the interview with Uzi.

Q. How do you feel to have reached the finals? What was the most important thing to this win?

I’m happy to win. It’s a good thing that we can still compete in this competition. I think preparing the match and having many conversations with the teammates was effective.

Q. You are maintaining the best performance. What is your secret to do so?

My hobby is LoL. There is no other thing that I like besides LoL. I think I'm maintaining my performance because I only concentrate on LoL.

Q. What are your plans for next year?

I will try my best to continue to compete in high-level stages.

Q. How do you feel after winning against PraY at the 1v1 match?

If PraY selected a ADC, it might have been different, but he picked Zoe 3 times in a row, so I think I was a bit advantageous.

Q. Who would be today’s MVP?

I would say mlxg. He was good in all matches today.

Q. Are you confident on winning at the finals at 1v1? Is there a champion that you want to play in particular?

There’s not that much pressure anymore because I made it to the finals. There aren’t any particular champions that I want to play, I’m planning on playing an AD champion.

Q. What was the most memorable moment of your professional career?

Going to Disneyland was the most memorable. I played with other players and managers, and I had a good time.

Q. What’s your predictions for tomorrow’s finals? Who seems the most dangerous?

I think we will go up to match 5. The most dangerous players would be the mid laner and jungler. That’s because we do many aggressive plays.

Q. Don’t you feel pressure with the title ‘Best AD Player’?

I do feel pressure. I think there are players who are better than me. The Korean AD players are mostly good. I think there’s a lot to learn from them.

Q. What do you think of Meiko and Ming?

Meiko has a long career as a professional and is very experienced. Ming is a good player even though he hasn't been professional for long. He knows how to do different plays.

Q. Lastly, please say something to your fans.

Thank you for your support. Thank you to all the Korean fans as well.

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