[LoL All-Star] Fans play 1v1 against Faker!


Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok played 1v1 against fans.

December 9th (PST), after the 3rd day’s schedule of LoL All-Stars Event 2017 at the LCS Arena, there was an event for fans to challenge Faker at a 1v1 match. Many fans came to watch, and there were cheers when they fought.

At the first match, Faker picked Soraka and the female fan picked Morgana. Riot authorities gave the female fan a hot pack and cheered her on. However, the match ended in Faker’s win. The next match was against a male fan, and it was a mirror match with both players selecting Zoe. The fan evaded Faker’s attacks well and played a high-tense match, but again, Faker won.

Meanwhile, the LoL All-Star Event 2017, which has invited many world-best players to compete, has now only the finals left; the match between LMS, who defeated GPL All-Stars, and LPL who defeated LCK All-Stars along with the 1v1 finals, Bjergsen vs Uzi.


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