[LoL All-Star] KR Reactions about KR vs CN: "The ‘Top’ laner and ‘Top’ minion carried the match"


-Match 1-

▷Jungle and mid are playing too individually, and they both didn’t perform. Did they even use their ult? They didn’t even have a proper fight.
└ Mixg is now the world best jungler.
└ I agree.
└ The difference in jungle and mid decided the results of the game.
└ I think that Mixg is the best in the world since Worlds. His path, plans, teamplay, carry, physical and decision making, there’s nothing he isn’t good at.
└└ I thought that he was the best from long ago. If he was Korean, he would have been known as the untouchable world’s best jungler. He’s underrated because of his nationality.


▷ Malzahar should be banned if Korea won’t pick it.

└ Malzahar is Malzahar, but I think Tahm Kench is more difficult. The macro using ults is difficult, and it constantly saves when trying to cut them off.

▷ They took a good pick first at mid and bottom sacrificed, Annie sealed off Gnar and that advantageous mid went on with Jarvan camping, so all the lanes went without much difficulties. LPL seems to be bringing strategies to deal exclusively with LCK in the draft and plays as well.

└ That’s a good analysis.


▷ ??? : 4 Chinese can't win

└ Khan : but 5 Chinese can win

└ I never thought that this would come up again like this hahaha

└ Khan ftw

└ It wasn’t because of the 4 Chinese, it was because of himself.. haha


▷ I think that All-Stars should be just mixed up with all nationalities. You guys should be talking objectively, like ‘we lost because which lane was bad’ but you’re saying don’t insult our players. In team matches, you fight in your teams’ sides but when it becomes All-Stars, the teams all mixed up, you’re just pushing the responsibility to the other teams.
└ Yeah, this would be better. I wonder how the pros would deal with the communication.

└ They did that before, and it becomes a disaster because everybody just enjoys. They have like more than 50 kills.

└ I think they did that last year?

└ I wanted to see that too…

└ It used to be Ice-Fire. But it wasn’t fun.

└ I like it better now.

- Match 2 -


▷ ??? : Can I have 2 dishes of soy-bean noodles?

└ You can have 3.

└ Not yet… nah, give him extra portions.

└ Have some sweet and sour pork as well

└ Reservations for 4 dishes


▷ Minion OP

└ We were def...won.

└ It’s not we lost but fought well but it’s we won but fought bad.


▷ The ‘Top’ laner and ‘Top’ minion carried the match

└ The country of Top-solo

└ Minions are also Korean

└ CuVee was really shining. He’s the treasure of Samsung. He is lighting up the faces of Samsung fans. And Ambition, let’s play a bit better early in the game. You can’t let him get away like that, can you?


▷ Faker should be examining himself.

└ Faker was good enough?

└ Was he that bad? He didn’t carry the match but he did his role

└ He was alright. Did you see the match?

└└ He actually was cut off too often

└ Zoe was good

└ He continued to be cut off at most team fights.

└ He did die after being silenced, but he dealt more than 70K damage, and we didn’t lose the game.

└ Actually this was all Faker’s plan, to lose at team fights, but winning the game.

└ You should be examining yourself.


▷ This match was decided by minions.

└ MVP is minions

└ It’s not ‘mini’ons, it’s now ‘Big’ons.

└ SKT T1 Minion


▷ The face of one who lost to the machine civilizations.gif

└ Puzzled Uzi

└ We won all the team fights, how did we lose?

└ Tis the end of human civilization.

└ He’s really baffled. They just had to push the lane.

└ Never underestimate the power of minions!


▷ ??? : S**t, I’ll carry this game.

└ Don’t ever underestimate my power

└ This is really one of the best scenes

└ (emotional)


▷ ??? : It’s fun at the field

└ Just a super minion playing by himself...

└ He’s a healer...

└ hahaha

└ That’s a spy!

└ Actually, it’s just made in China

-Match 3-

▷ All-Star team’s draft style: Bans only the current meta champs and lets through all the champs the opponents are good at. They lose 3:0 mostly without banning those champs… It was weird already at the Summer finals when Khan continued to play Jayce. You can’t deny this seeing them letting go Jarvan, Sejuani which Mixg likes, and being overwhelmed by Malzahar.

└ It’s not just all-stars, all LCK teams are like that.

└ I agree

└ They’re bad at drafting

└ Then did the coaches hold out by players?


▷ Don’t ever pick Ambition again. He just always gets cut off.

└ He is really bad.

└ It doesn’t seem like it’s totally Ambition’s fault.

└ He got lucky this time. There was no Bengi

└└ I wouldn’t say luck, he was good at Worlds… but his play is too different from Worlds (sighs)

└ What if Shen’s ult went to someone else?

└ Why are you making only Ambition responsible?


▷ ??? : You have done well, fighting the 2nd team of LCK.

└ kt : Now you are qualified to fight the real team

└ hahaha

└ 3 China-specialists

└ go kt!

└ Wow, but this looks really strong, it looks like all lanes will be pushed to the end...

└ The current kt is really all the same level as the current all-stars, why can’t they perform when they meet other LCK teams?

└ Winter kt is the best!


▷ Well done, LCK

└ China no.1

└ Rift Rivals season 2


▷ Faker shouldn’t be solo killed…(cries)

└ Faker isn’t as good as he was anymore, just enjoy

└ He lost it now

└ I would enjoy it if it was a close match, but they’re being dominated. How can I enjoy? Are you a masochist?

└ If it’s just a solo kill, but he used up all spells and threw away his ult

└ Faker was good, the jungle and top was bad.

└└ That is not true


▷ To sum up, the gap in the performance of the mid and jungle was big.

└ The inferiority at the mid and jungle made the top withdraw.. the bot was good but it wasn’t enough to carry the mid and jungle

└ Bottom tried to carry but mid and jungle refused

└ Bottom wasn’t any good in match 2

└ I understand Ambition dying to an ult of Malzahar or Sejuani. There should be tankers in front to have DPS perform. But after seeing it about 5 times, I was doubting what I saw.

└ Actually, all lanes were bad.

└ Mid and jungle is the most important in LoL. They were too bad. I was worried about this All-Stars because I saw this happen during the season, but they lost to China. It would be a lot better if they are a bit more consistent.

└ Mixg dominated all lanes, and stood at the vanguard in team fights to blow up the game. Strictly speaking, Ambition only followed around Mixg.

└ The Ambition I saw at this All-Stars was a jungler coming late when enemies come for ganks and cleaning up the leftover minions after the ally champ died. He was always late, he showed his back and didn’t think and watched team fights.

└ It’s just an event match. I hope he’s good in the next season. Faker and Ambition both are players who don’t go down easy. They’ll be good next time.


* Criticizing reactions *


▷ All LCK teams should just boycott All-Star. Winning is normal and losing is so much damage. There’s no need to go, is there?

└ That’s not bad. There should be many who wants to go, and that would be giving a chance to them. That’s a win for all.

└ Please let this come true

└ People are saying Ambition won Worlds by luck. I’m so sad.


▷ Tis the era of China?
└ Let’s not do the KeSPA cup starting next year, and start training like China.

└ China’s teamwork is too good.

└ Looking at China’s drafts shows that they were prepared. Compared to that, Korea wasn’t as prepared, with the KeSPA cup and resting afterwards. Now this means that we can’t defeat the prepared China team with only the personal skills anymore. We need to be prepared in next year’s All-Stars.

└└ But they all were pushed back at all lanes except CuVee.

└└ The draft is important too. The combination was obviously worse than them in all matches, and we won match 2 because CuVee carried, but we lost at team fights.


▷ ??? : We were waiting for you, communists.

└ Let’s start the 3rd Chinese civil war


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