[LoL All-Star] LMS BeBe: "I won't change my mind on retirement."

December 9th (PST), the LMS All-Stars dominated the GPL All-Stars at the semifinals of the 2017 LoL All-Star Event and reached the finals. The LMS All-Stars players are showing high performance and are continuing to win. ADC BeBe is retiring after this All-Stars Event. BeBe was very modest during the whole interview and said that he won’t change his decision on retirement.

Below are the responses from the interview of the LMS All-Star ADC, BeBe.

Q. The LMS All-Stars are performing well. What do you think the reason is?
The best players gathered in each positions. All I had to do is follow them.

Q. Which team do you want to meet at the finals, the LCK or LPL?
I want to meet the LCK All-Stars. The last match was a single-game-match. I want to defeat them in a 5-game-match.

Q. You have announced retirement before coming to the All-Star Event. How do you feel competing in this event?
I am definitely retiring. I want to win in the finals because it’s my last competition.

Q. You have shown high performance in matches. It seems that you still have what it takes to be a player, do you have any regrets on retiring?
My form went down significantly in the summer season, but I didn’t know that I’ll play well in the All-Stars.

Q. Will you change your mind on retirement?
I think my performance isn’t like before anymore, so no, I won’t change my mind. I want to leave when the people still like me, and I want to perform well in this last competition. I think it would be bad for the team if I stayed as a player.

Q. What would be the 1-tier ADC champion?
Ezreal, Miss Fortune, Varus, Jhin and Tristana.

Q. Karsa and FoFo of the LMS All-Stars are showing outstanding performance. What do you think about them?
Karsa and FoFo have good synergy. FoFo said that if he meets Karsa as a team, it’s very good, but he hates him the most when Karsa is the enemy.

Q. Are there any players from the LMS All-Star team that you are close with?
I came to the All-Stars with Karsa 3 years in a row now. We became close when we first met, and we are still very fond of each other.

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