[LoL All-Star] LMS FoFo: "I want to learn more from Faker."

On the 9th of December (PST), the semifinals of the 2017 LoL All-Star Event was held. LMS All-Stars advanced to the finals showing dominant performance to defeat the ‘dark horse’ GPL by 2:0. FoFo of the LMS All-Stars showed flawless performance and took a major role on the team’s win.

The following is the responses of LMS mid laner, FoFo .

Q. You made it to the finals. How do you feel?

I am very happy to have participated in the All-Stars Event, and I’ve learned many things here.

Q. Who do you think will win between LCK and LPL?

I think LCK will win. The reason is that there are many veteran players with a lot of experience in the LCK team. Their experience is a lot more ahead of the LPL team so I think they will win.

Q. It seems that the LMS All-Stars have good teamwork. How did make such good teamwork?

The teammates are very close, personally. It may not seem like it, but we are very close. We communicate a lot while playing.

Q. Faker says that Zoe needs to be nerfed. What do you think?

If a professional gamer plays Zoe, the power will be a lot stronger. I agree to his opnion that Zoe is OP and that it needs to be nerfed.

Q. Which player did you feel more comfortable to play with?

I depend a lot on jungler Karsa. If Karsa has a good game, the team has a good game as well.

Q. Your teammate BeBe is retiring after this All-Star Event. How do you feel about that? Have you learned much from him?

I have learned a lot from BeBe. He taught me to be myself at big matches and taught me about what is needed to be a professional gamer. When I first heard of his retirement, I was very sad and disappointed to have him go.

Q. Are there any Korean players you want to meet at mid lane, other than Faker?

Faker comes to mind first. Aside from Faker, I want to meet “Rookie” of IG.

Q. What team would you prefer at the finals? Are you confident of winning?

I want to learn more from Faker, so I want to meet LCK All-Stars. If we meet LCK, I think our chances of winning would be around 40%.

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