[Overwatch League] Q&A with Seoul Dynasty: "We want to play against JAKE"

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When Seoul Dynasty entered their first press conference, it looked like business as usual. As one of the most impressive Overwatch League teams with fan favorites like ryujehong, tobi, zunba, and Miro on their roster (and a dominating performance in the preseason that included a 2-1 victory over Houston Outlaws) the group of pros knew they had nothing to prove.

With the help of a translator, the very western press core was able to ask some questions and gain some insights on which players Seoul Dynasty is most eager to face, advice on how to become a pro, and variety of other topics:

Which player in the OWL are you looking forward to playing against most?

Ryujehong: I really want to face JAKE, but unfortunately it didn’t work out this time.

Tobi: I also want to play JAKE because I have been attacked (NOTE: in game, not personally) by him a lot. 

Wekeed: I want to face DreamKazper!

Fleta: I want to face birdring because we started Overwatch together and we came to this league together. Now, I want to face him in the game.

Munchkin. I want to face Fury from London spitfire. I was on the same team before, but I want to see how different he is right now.

Miro: I want to face Mano.

What are some tips for people wanting to get into esports?

Ryujehong. I want to give this advice to everyone who wants to go in the field of being an esports pro. Be patient and catch your opportunity on the way while working hard. The most important thing is to be patient.

What is it like being in LA?

Tobi: This is the first time we have been in LA altogether. I love our team house, it’s large so we can all be together. I love the weather, the food, and because the food is good we are getting fat!

I honestly can’t find anything that is bad in LA so far. I would love to visit LA more or stay here longer.

Question for Ryujehong: how does it feel to be one of the most popular players in Overwatch?

It has been only a year in a half after I finished my military duty. So many things have happened and it all has been amazing. I feel a little pressure because it is my first time getting this much support from everyone, but I am so thankful for everyone and I will do my best because of it.


▲ Despite being one of the strongest teams in the league with only a few teams as their rivals, Seoul Dynasty remains humble.

To close the Q&A segment, Seoul Dynasty took time as a team to thank all of their Korean and international fans, saying how they promise not to let them down and appreciate all of the support. Tobi also ensured their western fans that they are trying their hardest to learn English with the hopes that they will be able to interact with them more often.

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