[LoL All-Star] Ambition “I didn't know Zoe was that OP.”

On Dec. 8th (PST), the LCK All-Stars landed on the semi-finals, passing the group stage with 2W 1L at the LoL All-Star 2017. They lost to LMS in the 1st day’s match, but defeated EU LCS and TCL to survive. We met Kang “Ambition” Chan-yong after the match.

Q. You went to the semifinals with 2 wins and 1 loss. What do you think about that?

Our goal was to go up being in 1st place. Although we lost once, we won more and went to the semifinals. If we go to the finals and win, we will achieve our goal anyways, so we’re thinking that everything’s working out.

Q. You didn’t ban Zoe in the match against LMS. What was your intentions?

I didn’t know how OP Zoe was. It was a champion that hasn’t been studied and analysed yet. I still don’t know how OP it is yet. We didn’t ban it thinking that if we can take it, good, and if they take it, we’ll be able to handle it.

Q. You sometimes played outside of your normal path against Karsa. What do you think of Karsa?

I don’t know. I didn’t feel much [things about him]. I think we lost because Kha’Zix wasn’t able to overcome the many kills.

Q. The finals will be against either Southeast Asia or Taiwan. Which team do you think will come to the finals?

I think that Taiwan will be more competitive. I think that the Southeast Asia team also has a strong mid laner and jungler. So I think it’s fifty-fifty.

Q. The All-Stars event is mostly for fun, but it does have a bit of patriotism in it. Do you feel the pressure of that in your fans’ expectations?

Of course I feel the pressure. It’s only normal to win, but criticism comes after losses. I always think that I can deal with that kind of pressure and aim high for the goal, winning.

Q. How is the teamwork in the LCK All-Star team? Is there any player you prefer playing with?

I don’t really prefer anyone. All players are very dedicated to the game, and know practically everything there is to the game. We didn’t have much time to make ‘good teamwork’ so we picked what we were confident at, and did what we were good at. We did make concessions for each other, but I think most games depend on individual skills.

Q. Riot allowed the players to bring their partners. Did you do any touring with your wife?

I came with my wife, and Riot sent us to Disneyland. However, we didn’t have much time due to preparing for matches so we just looked around a bit.

Q. What’s your predictions for the top 4 of next year’s LCK Spring Season?

I think that the teams that control their pace well will have good results. A few losses won’t matter much, and the team who gets used to the new meta quicker will be advantageous.

Q. You met many new players during this All-Stars. Do you have any episodes with foreign players?

Not really. I wondered how much Zoe fits into a team game, but after playing against it, the skills seemed to be OP. But not many episodes.

Q. Are there any memorable players or teams you played against in this All-Stars event?

We lost to the Taiwan team, so that was memorable. We heard that they came here with a light mind. The were laughing during matches from time to time. I think they are having fun, so the results are following.

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