[LoL All-Star] KR reactions about NA vs SEA: "Just because you use the same language does not mean you can communicate"


▷ NA = No Answer
└ What did they just do? It looks very dark for NA next year

▷ Other teams are coming from overseas... NA is playing at home but why are they playing like this?

▷ SEA : Communication was hard because of the language barrier / NA : Communication was hard even with the same language
└ Lesson of the day: "Just because you use the same language does not mean you can communicate"
└ I understand why English is so hard. I never knew communication between 3 Southeast Asians and 2 Koreans will be a lot easier than 5 English speakers.
└└ They have difficulties because it is not their mother tongue LOL
└└ Let's just make it so NA uses a different language per city

▷ Levi would do good if he came to a big league. Seems like a waste for him to be in the SEA region.
└ He needs to go to majors. He is really good
└ If he knew how to speak Korean, he could easily be top 4
└ Is he bad at English? I don’t think there are even 10 junglers in NA that are better than him
└└ You say 10? No way. Mike Yeung is considered one of the best and Levi beat him
└└ Even if he played on his old role there are not many people that are better than him
└└ There won’t even be 5 people on the same level as him in the LCK

▷ Of course Levi...He didn’t get picked for no reason
└ Who are the 4% that didn’t pick Levi from SEA? These bastards!
└└ Probably the relatives of the candidates

▷ #1 NA team <<<< #2 SEA team
└└ It is still 2017... they will change in 2018
└└ Looking at the game against China yesterday, Jhin gets a quadra and Gnar gets a triple but they still lose lmao. They throw mid game and feed Kassadin. In the last teamfight, China aces NA and NA losses LOL

▷ What if SKT got Levi? If SKT told Levi to come, wouldn’t he come?
└ Communication issues...
└ It is not the style that fits with SKT
└ He doesn’t fit with Kkoma’s style so probably not.
└ He is not a jungler that covers for lanes...
└ Peanut tried so hard to adapt to this... It is hard to trust that Levi will adapt when you can’t even talk to him
└ Well, I guess he will still come to SKT if they asked

▷ If Levi went to SKT, the feedback that game would have been like this. kkoma: "That was not a time to go in". He could just grab the minion waves safely and get towers but he will dive... Even if he steals baron, he will get flamed.
└ It would be funny if LCK used foreign players.
└ I think Levi will fit well into EDG or TSM. Might be difficult because EDG’s roster right now is rock solid.
└ Levi fits well with NA. EU focuses on playing safe and China has too strong of a nationalism..

▷ NA should just vote for a Korean next year for All-Stars. If not, there is no answer. Hauntzer and Bjergsen are only good in lane. If something happens, they can’t do anything like everyone else... bot and jungle are... if you look at how they are playing, it is not a language problem for sure.
└ NA reaching the quarterfinals is impossible.
└ They just pick players they want to see at All-Stars. I don’t think they have a reason to pick a Korean player just to win All-Stars
└└ Yeah. As long as they see their favorite player, they don’t care
└└ Maybe they pick the players because they want to see them win. If they play All-Stars like this year, it is like the regular LCS... there is always a fight for pride
└└└ They have Rift Rivals for regular LCS type tournaments. All-Stars wasen’t made so players would practice a lot before hand.

▷ ??? : 3 TSM members can’t win

└ Isn’t it 2?
└└ Mike Yeung wasn’t in TSM at Worlds
└└ Hauntzer, Bjergsen, and Mike Yeung are next year TSM

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