[LoL All-Star] EU Jankos: "I want to get rid of saying of 'I wasn't the “2016 Jankos'”

On the 9th of December in LA, the League of Legends 2017 group stage has ended with EU eliminated with a 1-2 score. Although EU dominated the Turkish All-Star team, they could not overcome the All-Star teams of the LMS and LCK. On day 2 of All-Stars, Jankos showed an incredible performance on Kha’zix against the Turkish All-Star team. We got a chance to interview Jankos, the jungler for the EU All-Star team.


Below are the responses from the interview with EU All-Star jungler, Jankos.

¤ Although you guys lost to the LMS team, you showed some aggressive style of play in prior games. Does the current meta fit you well?

The meta right now is good. I just wish for Sejuani to leave the meta. Although if Sejuani leaves people are just going to play Jarvan, you can counter Jarvan with Lee Sin. The meta I hope for is a meta for assassin champions. The meta should be orientated towards assassin with a healthy mix of tanky junglers.

¤ In game 3, you met Karsa who is also an aggressive style jungler. How was it going up against him?

I believe Karsa is an extraordinary player. Because of Karsa’s performances, we opted to not go aggressive. Instead of us reading the opponent, I think the opponent read us better. Because of this, we had a team comp disadvantage. For us, Camille was put behind early which made the game very hard for us. This is not the first time I faced against Karsa. Next time, I am going to play more aggressively when I face against Karsa again.

¤ Was there a champion in All-Stars that you wanted to show but could not?

Because the meta fit well with me, I didn’t prepare anything special. My favorite champions are Elise, Kha’zix, and Jarvan. That’s why I played those champions in All-Stars.

¤ In All-Stars, the EU region could not show a good performance. What parts do you think were bad for you guys?

Watching the LCK KeSPA Cup, I learned a lot about the meta. However, LMS had an overall better understanding of the meta than us. This was a bit unfortunate. It was an honor to play against one of the few best players in the world like Faker, Ambition, and Karsa. Although All-Stars usually is a fun/troll event, it was fun this year because all the best players in the world were trying their best.

¤ It seems you moving to a new team is finalized. When is the date of the release? Is there anything that you can tell us about your new team?

I have decided to go to G2. Because G2 has been one of the best teams in EU for the past 2 years, I hope it will stay that way after I join the team. I’m excited to play with Perkz because he has the same aggressive style as me.

¤ Who is the player that you faced against in All-Stars that had the biggest impression and why?

I want to pick Ambition. I met Ambition in the 2016 Worlds semi finals. Ambition’s overall game knowledge is insane. I may know a bit more on individual champion specifics, but he has the ability to completely read everything in the game regarding map rotations, etc.

¤ Goals for next year? Do you have confidence you can make it to All-Stars next year?

Because I couldn’t make it to Worlds this year, people were saying I wasn’t the “2016 Jankos”. I want to get rid of that saying and is why I joined a team that can make it to Worlds. I want to prove to everyone that EU is still strong. Also, I don’t think I can say much about the All-Stars for next year.

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