[LoL All-Star] EU PowerOfEvil: “I know Faker is world’s best player, but I’m better with Orianna.”

The group stage of LoL All-star 2017 was held in Los Angeles on the 8th of December (PST). EU LCS dominated Turkey All-stars in the first match, and recorded the first win. However, they lost to LMS All-stars in the third round and failed to reach the next round with a record of 1W 2L. We had time to interview EU LCS mid laner ‘PowerOfEvil’.

Q. You had 1 win and 1 loss today. What was your thoughts on that?

I think in the first game we had a good draft. All lanes were confident, and we took control of the whole map. Against LMS, I think we didn’t have a good draft because we planned to get Tristana predicting that the opponents will pick Azir, but they took Tristana as well and we ended up giving them too many strong picks, like Sejuani, Tristana and Azir. The opponents had a draft that was strong in the long term, but we weren’t able to make any benefits early in the match, our tempo was too slow.

Q. There were many issues on your transfer from EU to NA in communities like Reddit. Many good players are now leaving EU LCS. Do you have any thoughts on that?

NA’s franchising is very stable for players, not only moneywise, but there being no drop system is good as well. Professional gamers don’t have that long of a career; the oldest player is like 28. We need to make the best out of what we can do. I am eager to play at a league outside of EU LCS now, because it’s my first time, it’s like opening a new chapter of my life for me. I am worried about getting homesick a bit, but we’ll see how it goes next year.

Q. How do you think about the balance of the mid champions other than Zoe? Is there a champ that you think is strong?

Currently, Azir and Xerath is strong, other than Zoe. Zoe is just really really strong, the long range of Q and the unpredictable direction is difficult. Xerath is a champion who gives a lot of damage. He deals so much damage on enemy carries before team fights and breaks up the team fights before they even begin. Azir is a very safe champion, using his long range. Azir is good against many mid champs as well; the only counter champ I would say is Kog’Maw but in the long term, Azir contributes to the team more.

Q. Azir is weak against assassins like LeBlanc. what do you think about that?

Assassins like LeBlanc may be effective against Azir, but to use an assassin champion effectively, the synergy with the jungler is very important. However, we weren’t able to play enough scrims, and we thought that we didn’t have enough time to practice so I picked what I am good at.

Q. There's rumor that ‘IgNar’ gave you a mission, to beat Faker with Orianna. Is that true?

IgNar did tell me to ask Faker to pick Orianna in the 1:1 tournament, to make a mirror match. I know that Faker is the world’s best player, but in my opinion, I am the best Orianna player. So IgNar told me to defeat Faker’s Orianna with “Nasher’s Teeth”.

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