[LoL All-Star] EU Ignar: "I have a lot of memories in EU. Especially, everyday at the Misfits gaming house"

Ignar revealed his final thoughts on leaving EU.

On the 8th of December in LA, Ignar went out on an interview in the 2017 League of Legends All-Stars. Ignar explained how his time with his teammates was enjoyable. He also explained his satisfaction in leaving a good and successful mark before leaving EU. Ignar's performance single handedly allowed Misfits to make it to the quarterfinals at Worlds.

Below we have the responses from Ignar’s interview.

¤ There is a chance for a 3 way tie. What do you think those chances are and who are you going to send in?

Right now if Turkey beats Korea, we will have a tie breaker. I am waiting for Turkey’s power. If this happens, I want to send POE because he lost a 1v1 already. I want to give him another chance.

¤ What has it been like playing with all these EU All-Stars as a team?

I think the EU All-Star team was really fun. I imagined Rekkles to be really cold and practice really hard, but he was fun and everyone did a lot of jokes. They are all really nice guys and I was happy to play with them.

¤ What did you guys take away from All-Stars? What did you guys learn from this?

I think All-Star was just happy for me.

¤ What has this all meant for you as a closer of your time in EU?

This tournament was me playing in EU for the last time in 2017. I was really happy but I got pressured a bit. I’m not going to play for EU in 2018, but I don’t know too much about the future. For now, I am happy.

¤ Do you have any favorite memories in EU?

Actually I have a lot of memories in EU. Especially, everyday at the Misfits gaming house with teammates. This is because every teammates was really fun and they were all nice guys. Normal days were the best days.

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