KR reacts to Musa Buff: Dragon Bite with Forward Guard and Stamina Costs Reduced!

The Musa got a big buff along with the balance patch that took place in Black Desert Online KR on December 7th. The effects of many skills have been buffed: basic attack stats were raised by 17 based on level 60, Forward Guard was added to both Dragon Bite and One Step Back, the animation delay for Flow: Backflow was reduced while its attack speed has been increased, one more hit has been added to Fiery Crevice, and many other additions were made as well.

The best parts of the new changes are the reduction in required stamina for main skills like Fiery Angel, Flow: Foul Play, etc, and the Forward Guard added to Dragon Bite. This will add stability to overall combat and make stamina management much easier, relieving Musa players from the pain of paying close attention to it during a combat. Also, the cooldown reduction and attack speed increase for Crust Crusher greatly improves the skill and, along with the removal of Flow: Foul Play’s cooldown, increases the Musa’s DPS by quite a lot.

There were some players who felt that the attack stats increasing by 17 is rather insufficient because there doesn’t seem to be any big difference when grinding. This may differ from player to player and would also depend on each player’s equipment, but most of the players agreed that they could actually feel the damage increase by 5~10%.



◈ Musa Patch Note

[Musa and Maehwa]

Fixed an issue where the Musa/Maehwa moved further than intended when hit by Down Smash.

Dragon Bite will now have Forward Guard.


Added a sentence to the tooltip for Blooming: can be used immediately while using forward/backward Chase.

Basic attack has increased by 17 on average (based on Level 60)
- PvE damage has increased in accordance with this buff.
- In order to keep the PvP damage constant, PvP damage has decreased by 6.5%.

The animation delay of Flow: Backflow has been reduced.

Crust Crusher’s cooldown has been reduced by 5 sec.
Crust Crusher’s attack speed has increased.

Fiery Crevice can hit one more time.

Twister will now consume 150 stamina instead of 300.

Fiery Angel will now consume 200 stamina instead of 300.

Flow: Foul Play will now consume 250 stamina instead of 350.

Musa’s Spirit will now consume 200 stamina instead of 300.

One Step Back will now have Forward Guard from when the attack starts.

The AoE of Flow: Foul Play has increased, and the skill has been reworked so the AoE matches the graphics.

Flow: Foul Play will not have a cooldown anymore.


▲ Players picked the Forward Guard added to Dragon Bite as the biggest buff among all other improvements, which improves the Musa’s melee attacks.
▲ The cooldown for Crust Crusher was reduced and the attack speed increased, allowing players to deal more damage with this skill.
▲ The AoE for Flow: Foul Play has increased to match the animation, and has had its cooldown removed, increasing the Musa’s DPS.
▲ Fiery Crevice got one more hit, allowing players to deal more damage than Flow: Backflow during a down attack.
▲ There is no change to the tooltips, but the cooldown reduction for Flow: Backflow improved the general combat experience for Musa players.



◈ KR reactions on Musa's Change

▶ Wow, basic attack increased by 17 based on level 60, that’s something great, isn’t it?
  - But can you actually see the difference? Coz I couldn’t. It must be a 1.7 increase, not 17.
  -  It just feels as if only some of the skills got stronger even it the basic attack increased by 17. It’s hard to say.

▶ It says that the basic attack has been increased by 17 for PvE but just 5% is what it actually feels like. I got from 900 to 950 of what I used to get for trash loots based on Hystria. The skills got better overall, but I think it would still be unlikely to see Musa at the top grinding speed.

▶ It got so much easier to manage stamina with all these main skills consuming less.

▶ Actually, the most crucial part of the new patch is the Forward Guard, and the next one would be the stamina improvement.

▶ We got a Forward Guard for Dragon Bite? I don’t need anything else, I got what I want!

▶ Personally, I find the Forward Guard part the core of this new buff.

▶ I really like how we got Forward Guard for One Step Back as well.

▶ One Step Back ain’t trash no more. YOU MUST USE IT

▶ I don’t no if its my old habit or something but I didn’t use One Step Back much in the first place, and I still don’t after the buff even though people say it got so much better. I don’t know if it did get better or anything.

▶ You can actually feel that the cooldown for Crust Crusher got reduced. It increased Musa’s DPS for sure along with the Foul Play cooldown removal.

▶ Yeah, I can certainly tell that the attack speed for Crust Crusher increased. I think it got faster by around 30%.

▶ The old Crust Crusher used to be a skill that got used once or twice for the Forward Guard to hold out, but now it is possible to use it after Projection with Black Spirit’s Rage or use it during a skill combo in both 1:1 fights and when you’re against a lot of enemies.

▶ Foul Play will now inflict full damage just as the tooltip says once the target is within the skill animation.You’d be dealing increased damage for sure!

▶ It seems the damage for Fiery Crevice is almost the same as Backflow’s, or even stronger, although it gets even stronger for sure once you manage down attack.

▶ Issue like Backflow going out slow or your character becoming stiff when using Musa’s Soul are now almost gone. The animation itself hasn’t changed much, but you can really feel it got much faster when the damage is inflicted at places like Red Battlefield or when you’re grinding.

▶ It would have been nicer if stamina consumption for Twister got reduced to 100 because it still feels a little bit insufficient. But still, I am fairly satisfied with the overall buff.

▶ This may be me being greedy even though we got a huge buff with Forward Guard being added to Dragon Bite, but I do feel sad that Spinner and Dash Slash remain trash with only damage increase.

▶ I tried playing at the Red Battlefield and Open Arenas and I could actually feel significant improvement. You can tell that the damage has actually increased, even though you’d expect it to not change much since the PvP damage was reduced to keep the damage balanced. And that one more hit for Fiery Crevice and Forward Guard for Dragon Bite is real sweet, and even though you may not see it with your eyes, you can actually feel that Backflow changed for sure once you use it. It got so much easier to manage things in combat since Crust Crusher’s motion got faster and consume less stamina.

▶ Dragon Bite’s Forward Guard may be good in PvP, but it’s a skill that moves you forward so you need to watch out for back attacks. You could end up a goner if you keep using it without care. I am fairly content with the motion delay and cooldown reduction for Crust Crusher, although it might have been nice if the animation for the swing down was much faster. As for Fiery Crevice, you can see the damage increase. I’d like to say that it’s a sensible improvement on the stamina reduction for skills like Fiery Angel or Twister. And as for One Step Back, many people have different opinions on the change, but I don’t think it makes much of a difference since I don’t use that skill that much.

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