[LoL All-Star] Sacrificial Icon, LPL 957: "Team victory is more important than individual praise."

On the 8th of December in LA, the 2017 League of Legends All-Star group stage games have commenced. It was a series of intense fighting. In the last teamfight with the match between LPL and NA, LPL won the fight leading to their win. The player that helped Xiye scale as Kassadin and ultimately win the game was none other than 957.


Below are the interview responses from the top lane representative of the LPL region, 957.

¤ Today’s game did not seem easy and you guys had a major comeback. How does it feel to win that game?

I am happy that we won but it was not an easy journey.

¤ When was the moment when you knew you had won?

There were two moments when I knew we had won. The first time was at 7 minutes into the game when counter jungling the enemy red worked out well. The second was when we won the huge teamfight in the mid game.

¤ First game you showed an aggressive style of play on Gnar and in the second game you showed a defensive style of play with Shen. What is your designated style of play?

To be honest, I like both styles of play. In the last meta, the defensive style of play worked out really well. Because this meta is good for aggressive style of play, I am having a lot of fun playing this style.

¤ There are comments that say you have improved in your play. In your own opinion, do you think you have improved as well?

I want to thank all the people who have acknowledged me as a player. I am very honored and feel reassured. However rather than receiving individual praise, I believe having a sacrificial role for the team is much more important. I would prefer having the team perform well rather than to receive praise.

¤ How do you feel about going up against Hauntzer today?

In the 2nd game, I saw he picked Gnar so I picked Shen. Although it is considered a bad matchup, I wanted to give more support/strength to my bot lane. This is because I think bot lane is our win condition. However, I was surprised that we won even though bot didn’t do so well as we hoped.

¤ What is your goal for All-Stars this year and your goal for next year?

Although of course my goal is to win All-Stars, my main goal is to have fun playing with my teammates. My goal for next year is to help my LPL team rise and make it to Worlds again.

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