[LoL All-Star] The Hope For The GPL, Levi: "It was sad that we could not communicate as a team."

On December 8th, the group stage matches for 2017 LoL All-Star Event took place in Los Angeles, CA. LPL All-Stars Team (LPL) took the victory after knocking down GPL All-Stars Team (GPL), despite GPL’s massive lead early game. While GPL did play strong early game with Levi’s Nidalee on the front line, they were defeated by LPL’s solid plays and game operation.

In an interview that took place after the game, ‘Levi’ of GPL shared that “there were changes in the roster due to some players’ visa issues, and such incident led to difficulty in communication.”

On a question about playing with the players who came as alternatives, he commented that “there is a difference between their performance levels.” He added that “the language barrier made the situation worse. We tried to communicate with pings as much as possible, but it was not that easy.”

Lastly, on a question asking about how picks/bans were made and the reason for the loss Levi answered that “picks and bans were made based on the coach’s suggestions, and it is unfortunate that the results were not as good as we wanted.”

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