[LoL All-Star] KR All-Stars Faker and PraY: "Since there were a lot of kids in Disneyland, the atmosphere was really bright."


Going underway in LA, the 2017 League of Legends All-Stars 2nd game resulted in a win for KR against EU.

In particular, the mid and bot lane represented a lead difference with terrifying performances. Faker gave people awe for his incredible CSing abilities. Likewise, PraY showed off his accurate sniping skills with his ultimate. PraY truly showed off one of his main champions to the opponents.

After the game, both players (Faker and PraY) were interviewed on SpoTV. Below are the responses from their interview.

¤ Congratulations on your first win. How do you guys feel?

PraY: All-Stars is a region based tournament but I was very nervous because it was the first game. I’m glad I did pretty well.

Faker: I was worried because I didn’t practice a lot. I’m satisfied that the game turned out well.

¤ Other players on your team came with their teammates but you came alone Faker. Is it lonely at all? How is the teamwork?

Faker: It wasen’t that lonely. Last time, I came to All-Stars with one of my teammates but there isn’t much of a difference. Regarding teamwork, it is important to match one another. Although not everyone on the team matches well with each other, the pure talent of our team helps the games go as smoothly as possible.

¤ I heard you went to Disneyland. How was it?

PraY: Disneyland was very new to me. Most people when you say Disneyland respond with “A place where people can have fun as much as they dreamed of.”. However since I didn’t have a companion, it wasen’t as fun as I thought it would be (laughs).

Faker: Rather than riding the attractions, I think the atmosphere was more fun for me. Since there were a lot of kids, the atmosphere was really bright... I had a lot of fun.

¤ Coach H-Dragon has a very serious face behind you guys while in picks/bans. Did you discuss anything specific during draft phase?

Faker: Many people are saying that he had a serious face but we were at the front so we couldn't see. In person, he is really nice to talk to.

¤ Jhin’s ultimate hit rate was extremely high. In games 1 and 2, Jhin came out both times. Is it safe to say that Jhin is meta right now?

PraY: I couldn’t practice a lot so I’m trying out a multitude of champions. Because Jhin is one of my favorite champions and he is pretty good right now, I am playing well on him. It felt good to hit most of my bullets in my ult at the tournament.

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