[LoL All-Star] CN Uzi: "There were a lot of mistakes during the 1st game, but I'm pretty confident in winning the tournament"

The fight between SEA and LPL finished, and LPL came out on top. The SEA team seemed to have struggled more due to the change of members that was caused by VISA issues. 

After the match, Uzi, the ADC of the LPL's representative, climbed up the stage for an interview with Phreak.

You have quite a number of fans here cheering you on, how does it feel?

I'm very happy that there are a lot of fans here.

At Worlds, we saw you get to top 4. Is this the event where you win the 5 vs. 5 tournaments?

I'm pretty confident in winning the entire tournament. But there are a lot of mistakes that I made in the 1st game, so I'll continue to practice and find the rhythm.

During the game, both you and Meiko ran 'Future's Market' in the botlane. What's so good about it?

Ezreal needs a lot of items to be powerful. You want 'Tear of the Goddess' first, so I needed the runes to help me get that as soon as possible.

You will face the NA team next. Also, you'll be playing against Levi in the 1 vs. 1 tournament. How will that go for you?

I think it'll be a very exciting matchup. NA is very strong, and so is Levi. I think it's going to be a fun match.

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