[LoL All-Star] Sneaky on NA vs. EU All-Star: "Uhm... Free win."

As the clash between KR and EU finished, somewhere in the studio, NA's botlane duo Sneaky and Aphromoo were interviewed by Phreak. 

The interview covered the players' opinions on the current meta.

How does it feel representing NA's hopes and dreams?

Sneaky: It feels pretty good. It's finally our time to shine.

Aphromoo: Fantastic!

We just saw IgNar running Blitzcrank with 'Minion Dematerializer'. Do you have any thoughts on that at all?

Aphromoo: I think the concept is that you dematerialize the creep so that your hook goes through the minion, but the animation of the item is way too slow for it to happen. I scrimmed him while he was playing that build and he couldn't get too many hooks off, but I understand where he got the idea from. 

Sneaky: He's a true carry player. Taking farm from his ADC.

Korea just beat Europe. Any shocks from that result?

Aphromoo: ...Wow.

Sneaky: Very surprising.

Insane... well, if NA plays EU, how will it go?

Sneaky: Uhm... free win.

May the better the win?

Sneaky: Yes... no, maybe?

You're doing really well in this interview (Laughs). Well, I'm going to talk to you now Aphromoo. We're seeing a lot of 'Unsealed Spellbook' so far at All-Star, but not everyone is swapping their Summoner's. Any thoughts?

Aphromoo: It has only been tanks so far, but I don't think tanks have the luxury of swapping their Summoner's. I think carry tops benefit from that more, where they can swap their skills for a more offensive one when their Flash is down. Hopefully, there are more different picks, but I've only seen Jayce and a bunch of tanks so far. 

We have also seen that the current meta is really poke-based. Do you think the meta will change or will we see this for a while?

Sneaky: We'll probably see "poke" until something changes about the runes because Precision just kind of gets pushed out by Sorcery, same as domination - though it isn't really a laning rune. ...You get all your health drained by comets flying at you all the time. That's why the problem with Miss Fortune right now in Solo Queue is that she just uses 'E' with Doran's Ring and it brings your health down to basically nothing. So I think that'll be the meta until something changes.

Aphromoo: That's all we need to say.

The NA All-Star team is comprised of 4/6 of TSM members. I notice on your previous game, the team kind of left you to dry. Are they ignoring you and playing through the topside of the map?

Aphromoo: We did our best to be wards that game, but hopefully next game, we get some love.

Sneaky: We actually have separate comms channels, so it's just me and Aphro talking.

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