A Reconfigured League of Legends Party System With Voice Chat

Riot Games has released a blueprint for the reorganization of the League of Legends party system and the addition of voice chat.

Through the ‘Developer Blog’ where Riot employees share their game development status, Riot Soundwave, Riot Games’ project manager, explained to the users how the new party system load out will be and the new implementation of voice chat. Riot is planning to improve the old party system, which currently offers only very basic of features.

There are three new enhancements to the party system. First, the functions in the game end screen have been enhanced. In the new and improved party system, players can now invite their teammates into their party during the game end screen. If a player ever wishes to play a few games with a teammate, an option for a friend request during the game end screen is also possible. This options makes it more than easy to create a party with a person you have just met.

On top of all this, if a party member clicks the “Play again” button, the other party members will get notified who pressed that button. This improvement allows the rest of the party members to easily understand who is ready for the next game and who is not.

A new button that allows for easy party invites after the game.

An option for a public party will also be available. If a player chooses the ‘Public’ option whilst in a party, the player’s friends or friends of friends can now easily join in to your party. The 'public party' function will not only make it easier to organize a preconfigured team, but it will also make it easier to pre-composition a team to fulfill a daily quest/mission. This option also has the function of easily omitting an invitation or acceptance.

A button to easily gather players to your 'public party’.

Lastly, Riot explained the long awaited voice chat function. Riot has stated that voice chat being implemented into the party system will only be accessible to members in the party who have been invited to the party prior to the game. Riot has claimed that they have no plans to expand beyond that. If a player does not wish to use this function, the player has the option to turn voice chat off.

The new and improved League of Legends party system alongside the voice chat function will be scheduled to be released within the first half of next year. In addition, the schedule for additional functions or detailed features is expected to be released at a later date.

Voice chat will only be available to pre-arranged party members

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