Buy Masters and skins all you want and you’d still have X-Coins left! How to enjoy MXM for the last time

On November 16th, MXM announced the end of their service by January 31st, although players can continue playing the game until that date, leaving around 2 months left for them to enjoy the game.

MXM also announced that they will be presenting 500,000 X-Coins to the players as a daily reward for the 1st day as a means of thanking them. 500,000 X-Coins! This will be enough to buy anything players ever wanted and enjoy them for the rest of the 2 months. Actually, would it be possible to use up all 500.000 X-Coins by buying every skin and available Master? I conducted an experiment in order to answer this question.


▲ After the announcement was made, players could gain 500,000 X-Coins on their first log-in.



▶ Buy all Masters

The first idea that to mind was to buy all the Masters available on MXM, and there are 40 in total. Some of them can be unlocked with the SOL that players can gain as they play the game, but the opportunities to gain SOL are limited and some of these Masters have specific tasks that must be completed before they are unlocked.

However, using X-Coins will save players from having to meet those requirements; using X-Coins would allow players to unlock masters if they could not not farm for items or if they simply really wanted a Master. With a limited amount of time left, now was certainly the best time to go on a Master shopping spree, so one by one I unlocked all the Masters I didn’t have.


▲ Let’s start using up the X-Coins by purchasing Masters first.
▲ I began to buy Masters one by one.
▲ I got the title, ‘Grand Master’, which can be gained once 30 Masters are successfully recruited.
▲ After I got all of the Masters, I had 450,000 X-Coins left. I used up about 50,000 X-Coins on Masters.



▶ Buy all Master skins

After I got the Masters, it was time to buy all the skins. Frankly, it seemed to me that I wouldn’t be able to use up all the X-Coins even if I got all of the Masters and skins at this point.

Just like I did with the Masters, I swept through the entire stock of skins one by one, but later I realized that there are some skins that can only be purchased with Style Tokens.

Style Tokens can be manufactured via the Style Token Workshop, but unfortunately I didn’t have enough Sol Fiber to get every skin. Even though I used up every single Fiber I had, I didn’t get any Legendary Tokens. This marks the end of my skin collecting journey, since I got all the skins I could get with X-Coins.


▲ Buy all the skins you’ve been wanting to get!
▲ Construct Lua, the community-developed skin, was being sold for 1 X-Coin.
▲ CBT Taejin, which was awarded to CBT players, was being sold for 1 X-Coin as well.
▲ I failed to get some of the skins since they could only be bought with the Style Tokens.
▲ I had many Sol Fiber Purifiers, but I didn’t have much Fiber...



▶ Enjoy all PvE content with no limits

The next thing I did was clear the stages at the Extreme difficulty in solo-play. Since I had enough X-Coins to buy Life Chargers, the item that lets a player respawn any time they die, it was possible to clear all Extreme-level stages alone.

Frankly, I wanted to enjoy more PvP content with the new Masters and skins I just bought, but the queue for 4v4 Hardpoint Capture was over 1 hour, so I had to go for the PvE stages instead.

As for the PvE content, I only cleared random stages at Brutal level in a party and barely cleared any at Extreme before, but I decided to give it a try anyway.


▲ I went for the Village Entrance map in the Karith Tribal Grounds first.
▲ It may only be the Extreme difficulty, but I struggled in the early part of the stage since I was playing alone.
▲ I eventually got killed by the mini boss…
▲ Taejin : "You can't kill me, Forget about it!"
▲ Yes, you can’t kill me because I have an endless supply of Life Chargers!
▲ Next, I went for the Extreme mode of the Gludio Dungeon in TimeSpace Distortion.
▲ I won’t be afraid even if Kaspar and the 4 Elders come together, because I am invincible!
▲ Death Knight rushing towards me with Haste was still a bit scary, though.



▶ Anything else left to buy with X-Coins?

Even if I tried to use up the X-Coins via Life Chargers in the PvE stages, it was simply impossible. At this point I had to look for other ways to use up my vast X-Coin fortune.

I expanded my inventory and storage to the maximum, and bought a 30-day Membership Service, and bought 99 Sol Fiber Purifiers needed for making Style Tokens. I also got XP & GOLD Boosters and Auto-Collectors, and continued to repeatedly unlock extra rewards as many times as I could. I stopped buying anything else since it seemed I was trying to buy unnecessary things on purpose.

In the end, I only spend about 250,000 X-Coins, which is just half of what I got just in one day, and most of it was used to buy Masters and skins; there weren’t many places I could use X-Coins anymore. Now that I got the chance to go free and buy all I want without any limits and play almost all the content as much as I desired, I felt sorry to see this game go.

If you, readers, have enjoyed playing MXM even once, this may be the best chance to play the game once more, for the last time.


▲ Expanded my inventory and storage to the maximum.
▲ I also got more SOL Fiber Purifiers for making Style Tokens.
▲ I got an MXM Membership even though there wasn’t much time left.
▲ I also paid to get as many rewards as I could.

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