Win94 will be updated exclusively in the desert map of PUBG - details of weapons and vehicles in the desert map thus far

▲ Image of the new weapon, Win94


PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) introduced the image of the Win94, the new weapon that will be available only in the desert map. The idea of the Win94 is based on the Winchester Model 1894 and is a lever action shotgun.

Due to its mechanism, it is difficult to aim as the lever hits the ground when a shooter goes prone, and the reticle can easily be disorientating when reloading, thus it is usually used either on a horse or in a vehicle. The weapon is usually shown in western films, and players will be able to make kill enemies while in a vehicle if the features of the weapon are realistically implemented in the game.

The sawed-off shotgun, another exclusive weapon in the desert map, had been introduced before. It is a shotgun with the barrel and plate cut off by a saw for better portability. The weapon is generally used in the same way as pistols, thus it is expected that it will be placed in the pistol slot instead of the main or secondary weapon slots.

Moreover, the new pickup truck and Darma vans can also be found only in the desert map. The revealed images indicate that they may occupy up to 4 players, but with the pickup truck, it isn’t certain whether one can hop in the trunk or not. The size of the Darma vans is also relatively small, making players more curious as to exactly how many can fit in each vehicle.

Meanwhile, the PUBG desert map gameplay will be viewable at The Game Awards 2017 held at Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on December 7th. The desert map has less ocean than Erangel, and a city bigger than Yasnaya is located in the map.

The desert map
Sawed-off shotgun
Darma van
Pickup truck


Footage of a sawed-off shotgun


Footage of a Winchester Model 1894

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