Absolute Skill updated for Mystic! What are the reactions of Korean players?

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On November 30th (KST), the Absolute Skills for the Mystic were updated in Black Desert Online (BDO). The total of 21 absolute skills was updated for Mystic, and you still need to max out the pre-enhanced skills in order to learn them. The skill effects still remain the same upon learning the absolute skills, but variables and the number of hits change dramatically.

Along with the Mystic, the Striker also has a few additional absolute skills. Although both classes share some of the same skills, the variables and effects slightly differ. This is because they were originally different even without the existence of the absolute skills. In the case of Hidden Claw, the Striker’s variable of basic attack damage is slightly higher than that of the Mystic. On the other hand, Mystic’s Hidden Claw has 100% critical hit rate. This difference applies to the absolute skills as well.

Right after the update of the Mystic’s absolute skills, the Black Spirit damage of the skill called Absolute: Roaring Tiger was appraised to be quite excellent, but soon later there was an announcement stating that the damage of Absolute: Roaring Tiger was incorrectly implemented. The damage was scaled down to work normally on December 1st, and this article also contains players’ reactions to this change.

Korean players’ comments on the new Absolute Skills

- Absolute: Twisted Collision is good, but I can’t use it when awakened. Can’t you fix this first?

- The range and distance are the same and damage doesn’t seem to have increased much. It’s better using awakening skills rather than the combination of normal skills.

- Although the Striker’s absolute skills don’t seem that bad, Mystic’s looks relatively better.

- They’ve just increased the damage. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m bad at this, but there’s no specific use for it.

- I think that Rage Hammer, Somersault, Crimson Fang, and Explosive Blow have all become stronger in PvP.

- The Striker generally uses the combo when he’s in the normal mode, so it’s obvious that the combination of these skills increases the total damage.

- The awakening combo itself is far more powerful than the normal combo, to be honest, so there’s actually no need to continue using the normal combo.

- It came out fine, but I feel that there’s no specific use. I mean that there’s no point replacing awakening skills with the absolute skills.

▲ Absolute: Roaring Tiger Black Spirit, right after the update (Source: KR Inven - 리얼검모)


Reactions after Absolute: Roaring Tiger’s damage in PVP was adjusted

- This should’ve been expected. The sooner it gets nerfed the better, at least when you know it’ll be done at some point.

- Yeah, I also thought that it was quite strange. I’m sure that this high damage was abnormal.

- It’s still unthinkable to nerf the character to the ground with only one patch.

- The combination of Awakening Skill - Rabam Skill - Roaring Tiger - Awakening Skill has already been used, so it’s better to learn the absolute skill.

- It’s still usable even after the nerf to the PvP damage. The life regeneration effect is also back to normal after the temporary maintenance.

Details on the new Absolute Skills for Mystic

Absolute: Heavy Fist
(Standing hit 456% × 2, Forward attack 456% × 2, Jump attack 456% × 2, +50WP per hit)
Absolute: Fist of True Strength
(512% × 3, +40 WP per hit)
Absolute: Seven Angled Kick
(611% × 2, Combo Damage 611% × 6, Max 10 targets, Damage reduced in PvP)
Absolute: Triple Flying Kick
(1st & 2nd hit damage 756% × 2, 3rd hit damage 453% × 3)
Absolute: Adamantine
(675% × 4, Max 10 targets, +35 WP per hit)
Absolute: Flow: Mass Destruction
(670% × 3, Max 3 hits, Max 10 targets, +25 WP per hit, Damage reduced in PvP)
Absolute: Bind
(522% × 3)
Absolute: Ankle Hook
(1st hit 957% × 1, 2nd hit 957% × 2, Max 10 targets)
Absolute: Deva King
(915% × 2, Critical Hit +80%, Max 10 targets)
Absolute: Chohojang
(866% × 9, Last Hit Damage 519% × 3, Max 10 targets)
Absolute: Choyeol
(785% × 2, Max 10 targets, +15 WP per hit)
Absolute: Hidden Claw
(Hit Damage 611% × 2, Combo Damage 611% × 3, Max 2 hits, Damage reduced in PvP)
Absolute: Fist Fury
(1240% × 2, Max 3 hits, Last hit 1240% × 4)
Absolute: Bitjangchigi
(722% × 2, Extra hit 722% × 4, Max 10 targets)
Absolute: Neukgolchagi
(994% × 2, Extra hit 994% × 3, Max 10 targets)
Absolute: Tornado Kick
(1154% × 5, Max 10 targets)
Absolute: Somersault
(997% × 4, Max 10 targets)
Absolute: Twisted Collision
(995% × 4, Max 10 targets)
Absolute: Sweeping Kick
(1 Hit Damage 775% × 3, 2 Hit Damage 775% × 4, Max 10 targets)
Absolute: Roaring Tiger
(1240% × 5, Max 10 targets)
Absolute: Rage Hammer
(1224% × 5)

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    level 1 N0rthWind


    Why are Mystic's Absolute skills considered "relatively better" than Striker's?

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      level 1 Clorox_Bleach


      Because, Faggot, Mystic is relatively better than Striker, Faggot.

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    level 1 That_Guy

    Hmmm... does the increase in damage on the skill also enhance the black spirit rage skill?

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