Restoring NiP Back to Their Former Glory: Can Coach Jens Hofer Bring Great Results at the ESL Finals?


▲ Source: betway esports youtube channel

'Counter-Strike: Global Offensive' is an FPS esport that is loved by gamers from all over the world. In recent times, 'SK Gaming' and 'FaZe Clan' came to be known as the top teams within the CS:GO scene, but there's no denying the fact that 'Ninjas in Pyjamas' played a vital role in the development of it.

During the earlier era of the CS:GO scene, NiP were considered one of the best, but beginning in 2015, the team started shaking. In November of 2017, however, the team managed to defeat both 'SK Gaming' and 'FaZe Clan' during Xll Oakland before taking the title. The biggest source of the team's rejuvenation came from the team's mental coach, Jens Hofer.

In the recent months, through their social media, NiP's sponsor, 'betway esports', released information regarding Hofer and how he has changed the team for the better. You can watch the video below.

Before reaching out his arms to esports, Jens Hofer had experience as both a player and coach for traditional sports including basketball and football. He has paid special attention to the similarities and differences between the two sports. He asserted that traditional sports and esports have little to no difference in professionalism, but while traditional sports take a toll on a player's physical body, esports does the same for its players' mentality. 

While keeping this in mind, Hofer started working towards strengthening the players' emotional management, ability to relieve stage pressure, and method of team communication. Also, not only did he participate in taking care of the players' mentality, but he has also taken time to make sure the players are healthy by establishing a proper exercise schedule and meal plan. He also set a goal for the team and established a direction for the team to work for. 

So what kind of results did Hofer bring to the team? The players of NiP didn't hold back their various compliments for the coach. The players commented that now, instead of constantly thinking about the mistakes that they have made during a game, they have started looking forward. Weaknesses  that the players may have were also pointed out and refined through multiple sessions held by Hofer. 

▲ Jens Hofer, NiP's mental coach (betway esports youtube channel)

In addition, NiP's player Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg shared an opinion regarding the increase in numbers of psychologists within the esports scene and put forward the benefits of having one on your team. "I think the rise of psychology in esports came from the increasing competition within the scene. Players need to get control of their emotions and learn to handle them in the correct ways, especially in big tournaments where there is a lot of pressure. In traditional sports like football or hockey, you have psychologists working with the team. We're getting to that point as well." 

Of course, Hofer's process of rejuvenating the team is still in progress, but it's still true that the team has started returning to their former prowess. The structure of the team has been more properly established, and the players' bodies and minds have grown better due to being provided a more proper work schedule and eating habits. These refinements to the team became the source of NiP's victory at IEM Oakland. 

Starting December 5th, the 'ESL Pro League Season 6: Final' will begin. How Hofer's synergy will work within the team will be witnessed by many, as NiP will have to prove to the world that their victory at IEM Oakland wasn't just a one-time thing.



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