Dae Il Kim, the chairperson of Pearl Abyss, receives the presidential citation for expanding business overseas

Dae Il Kim, the chairperson of Pearl Abyss


Dae Il Kim, the chairperson of Pearl Abyss, will receive the presidential citation at the 2017 Korea Content Awards, hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST), and run by the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA).

Mr. Kim is expected to be awarded at the Korea Content Awards thanks to his contribution to overseas business expansion. Mr. Kim directed the development of Black Desert Online (BDO) and exported the game to China, Japan, NA, and EU. The outcome has been appraised to have contributed to the globalization of Korean content. Pearl Abyss is currently preparing to launch BDO Mobile, along with the international launch of the console version.

The 9th Korea Content Awards is held in order to award individuals and works that have helped advance the Korean content industry and deliver both feelings and entertainment to the public in the year of 2017.

27 nominees in 4 sectors, including the overseas business expansion, broadcast industry development, animation, and character, will be represented and awarded at this award ceremony. The award winners were selected based on comprehensive criteria including exportation of content, level of contribution to cultural exchange and industry development, and degree of completion.

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    level 1 Noita_Black


    Except the NA version remains without vital content that make pvp focused activities as well as progression more enjoyable. We're told we will obtain this content, but to no avail or indication as to when. I'd understand if PA was capable of running a game in which the patches weren't weeks if not months behind what is clearly the Main region, or region that matters the most. To me that doesn't seem worth an award. To me that makes me feel as if our version is an after thought, updated when felt like as opposed to focused on like the KR version is. I've been battling this feeling as hard as possible in twine with whether or not I should quit black desert online, as a player who has been around since Nov 19th 2015(over 2 years) of BDO NA. I was once a die hard BDO fan and respected/advocated for PA/Kakao as much as possible(well over 6000 posts on forums, mostly in interest of the companies movements and choices). Now it just feels meh. We only get the interests that BDO KR is interested in. Seems like we're really not paid attention to as much as KR, and that feels off-putting considering how many of us put our lives into this game over the past 2 years.

    I by far am not the best player, nor one who has worked the hardest. But I was once extremely loyal to BDO. That hasn't faded for no reason.

    If there is anything I'd ask PA to change, it'd be to have more attention sent towards what NA wants to happen on their server, acquire more development to bring the gap between the updates for the KR server and NA server closer together. At the bottom of what people I play with feel, it doesn't feel nice having to wait 1-3+ weeks for an awesome new class or feature we want to play on our version. It also would have been nice to test the big DR/Downblock/CCmitigationremoval patch that the KRs got to test on their server, on ours. Some of us REALLY wanted that type of gameplay(The type where players don't get oneshotted instantly). But because KR didn't seem to want it, we didn't get it either. So in my mind, if that is how the company is going to run the game for our version, we need to be brought way closer for updates. If not? Then we need to have more development that pertains to our version and how people playing our version work.



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      level 1 jordan939


      Na version = EU version in term of content they are the same.

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