[Interview] Smeb: "I really wanted to prove that kt is a strong team."

KeSPA Cup, which closed the door of LCK 2017, ended with kt’s win. As a result, LCK’s big 4 (SKT T1, LZ, SSG, kt) all clenched a trophy. For kt, it must have been very tense, since they haven’t earned any titles this year.

After the match, kt players gathered for an interview. But it wasn’t enough. The finals against LZ was a very close match, playing all 5 sets. After searching for a while for someone to interview, we found ‘Smeb’.

Q. First of all, congratulations on winning. You defeated Longzhu after a full 5 set match, how do you feel?

I’m very happy. I think I’m very fatigued playing 5 sets. I want to go home and rest (Laughs).

Q. I guess it felt a bit odd playing against three of former ROX players.

It serves them right (Laughs). Actually I had a hard time. It hasn’t been long after Peanut returned, but because we had played together before, it wasn’t very hard to make good teamwork. I wish to have fun playing with him next year as well.

Q. You haven’t played against Khan at top lane in a long time. How did it feel?

Khan and I took turns on offensive and defensive picks. The initiative changed between us depending on whether we had offensive or defensive picks. The first match was regretful since I had a hard time even when I had the offensive pick.

Q. Why didn’t you ban Ornn in the first set?

Actually, we didn’t have much practice with Ornn not banned. Not much practice with Fiora either. We just tried because it was the first set. Our combination was good, but I think we lost because we made a lot of mistakes.

Q. How about Gnar, which both teams tried to take?

I think Gnar is 1 tier champion when there’s no Jayce. But there are plenty offensive and defensive champs; we gave what we had to give and took what we could take.

Q. Wasn’t Score the happiest after winning?

I don’t know if it was because we had a really hard time winning, but mostly we were dazed. I think everybody will be bursting in happiness at the afterparty (Laughs).

Q. kt members are to be together next year too. How do you feel?

There are a few faces I would have preferred to see less (Laughs), but we have been together for a year already now, so there’s no awkwardness. I think it’s a good thing since there’s nothing left to do but growing.

Q. According to fans, you are really bad at Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds(PUBG).

I actually think that I have the talent to be a good gamer, but the viewers want me to troll around when I play PUBG; you know, I’m really good at LoL. I think I intentionally tried hard to play bad to show them trolling in another game.

Q. Okaaay… Finally, any resolutions for the 2018 kt Rolster team?

I really wanted to win the KeSPA cup to prove that kt is a strong team. I’m happy to have proven that by winning. We will prepare the next season at our bests, so I wish the fans to continue to cheer us on. Thank you for all your support.

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