[Sources] Blanc And Profit Join Team ROCCAT

Blanc and Profit have moved to EU.

According to sources, Blanc and Profit have finalized their contracts with Team ROCCAT. It is only a matter of time before they officially announce their situation. Team ROCCAT is now using Blanc and Profit as mercenaries for their top and mid positions.

Blanc had been with Jin Air Greenwings for 2 years since 2015 as a mid laner. Even moving to PSG, Blanc has shown stunning performance and captured the hearts of the EU fans. Known for not getting help from his team, Blanc was often associated with being a laner who got tortured the most.

Profit gained renown for being the top laner for SKT T1. However, he was in Ninjas in Pyjamas during May 2017, and the team experienced some unfavorable luck.

Although both Blanc and Profit did not perform at their fullest potential in their previous teams, both these players had earned recognition from the casters for being astonishing players. Now that Blanc and Profit are a part of Team ROCCAT, we have to see if their performance on the team can wash away the pitfalls of the past.

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