Sado from Philadelphia Fusion is punished with 30-match suspension by Overwatch League as the first official punishment


Sumin “Sado” Kim, the affiliated player of Philadelphia Fusion who has been doubted for account boosting in South Korea, has received an official disciplinary statement from the League.

As punishment for breaking Blizzard’s EULA through account-boosting, Sado faces a 30-match suspension during the preseason of the Overwatch League, expected to begin on December 6th, and right after the start of the regular season.

The punishment is considered severe considering the schedule of Overwatch League 2018, wherein each team does 10 regular matches in 6 weeks of 4 stages per year. This, in fact, indicates that he won’t be able to participate in all matches from the 1st to 3rd stage.

After the announcement, Philadelphia Fusion deleted Sado’s name from the Overwatch League final roster that was announced on November 7th, and it is inevitable for the team to face a loss for the 1st and 2nd stages, because the additional player registration is not available until April 5th, that is, the beginning date of the 3rd stage.

Gamers are very interested in the issue as this is the first official punishment done by the Overwatch League. Korean players are having a dispute over the issue, some claiming they are disappointed that the punishment did not suspend him permanently, while others argue that it was an ample decision.

Sado’s name was removed from the Philadelphia Fusion’s roster on November 30th

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