SKT PoohManDu: "Effort is an earnest player that has great synergy with the team"

On the 29th of November, at the OGN eStadium, the quarterfinals of the '2017 LoL KeSPA Cup Round 2' took place. Against the Griffins, SKT T1 took the victory with a score of 2-1.

SKT prepared team compositions that revolved around utilizing tanks. On the contrary, the Griffins came with a poke-oriented composition. After a brutal clash between two teams with completely different playstyles, SKT came out on top. At the center of their victory, there were the unseen efforts that the coaches have put in to counteract the enemies' plans. 

After the match, we had a chance to do an interview with PoohManDu, a former SKT player that returned to the team as a coach.

How do you feel after taking your very first victory as a coach?

I already knew ahead of time that Griffin was a formidable team, as I saw them defeating Afreeca Freecs during the previous series. But when we clashed against them, it was a lot harder than I had anticipated. But as an LCK team, I thought to myself that we had to win. I'm glad that we won, but I'm not too happy with the outcome.

What kind of advice did you give 'Effort', the new player on the team?

I've just recently joined, so I didn't give any notable advice.

How do you rate Effort as a player?

He is a highly ranked player on the Solo Queue ladder. He is also very dedicated to his practice. He's an earnest player that has great synergy with the team.

Currently, you're sharing your coaching position with Bengi. How are you guys splitting the work?

I'm in charge of the strategical side, and Bengi is in charge of taking care of the players and their environments.

Please tell us your goal as a coach.

SKT T1 is a top 4 team in the LCK. Also, the team is highly regarded by many fans as the "best team in the world." I'll do my best to live up to that name.

Any final words for your fans?

There are fans that have been rooting for me when I was a player. There are also fans that have been cheering for me when I joined the scene as a coach. I'll do my best to help head coach kkOma and the players and pay the fans back with great performance.

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