SKT Bengi: "kkOma called for me, and I responded. That's how I became a coach"

On the 29th of November, atop the stage of the OGN eStadium, the quarterfinals of the '2017 LoL KeSPA Cup Round 2' took place. Against the Griffins, SKT T1 took the victory with a score of 2-1.

On the very first set, SKT demonstrated plays that were superior to the Griffins. However, on the 2nd set, the Griffins took the win after a 62-minute game. And on the 3rd and final set, after exchanging brutal blows with each other, SKT slowly closed out the series.

After the match, at the stadium, our team ran into an opportunity to speak with someone very special, a former SKT player that had returned to the organization as a coach.

SKT T1's coach, Bengi

How do you feel after your first victory as a coach?

I knew ahead of time that the Griffins were a strong team. They, however, were even stronger than that I have imagined. The series became a long one as a result of it.

Before the match, what kind of advice did you give the players?

I'm still an inexperienced coach, so I couldn't give them any special advice. 

What triggered your decision to return to Korea as a coach?

I was taking a break after returning from China. Then, kkOma called for me, and I responded. That's how I became a coach.

Along with the coaching staff, the player roster also saw a change. How will it affect the team's playstyle?

I don't think there will be a big change in playstyle. We made a couple of mistakes during today's series, but if we work towards fixing those issues, I believe that we'll become far stronger.

As a former champion, what were your thoughts when watching SKT T1 during the 2017 World Championship?

I was impressed by SSG when I saw how strong they were while watching the Finals. I'm especially impressed by Ambition... he's older than I am, but he's still showing fantastic performance...

You experienced the LPL first hand. What's the difference between the LPL and LCK?

There really isn't a big difference.

The meta shifts a lot faster in the LPL and the other regions when compared to Korea.

Please tell us your goals as a coach.

I will be with SKT for a year. I will make sure to put in the effort to do my best during that period. Please cheer for me.

Any final words for the fans?

Initially, I didn't have any plans to become a coach. But somehow, I ended up becoming one. I also feel sorry for the fans that were rooting for me to return as a player. I'm really disappointed that I let them down.

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