Blizzard reveals expanded path to becoming a pro Overwatch player.

"Whether you are a solo-queue superstar, a Contender, or somewhere in between, this is your path to pro. Your story begins here."

This was the call-to-action Blizzard released today as they detailed their 2018 plans for the Overwatch League and Overwatch Contenders. The video answers the most common question on the mind of aspiring pro players: "where do I even start?"

Before the era of modern esports, this question was hard to answer. Players needed to constantly seek out tournaments and opportunities to showcase their talents, while also keeping in mind that their chosen games competitive scene might vanish overnight due to a newer game being released or developers pulling the plug. 

▲ South American and Australian Contenders leagues are on their way in 2018.

Those days of volatility and uncertainty are over and, in its place, is the clear path to professional play that Blizzard outlined today. The new Overwatch Open Division opens a door for online ladder savants to join the Overwatch Contenders, which of course leads into the Overwatch League. We can expect new teams and rising stars to emerge in 2018, as the massive popularity of Overwatch (and non-region locked Contenders) makes it very likely that hundreds of talented players have yet to be discovered.

You can check it out your self on the official Path to Pro announcement page on

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