[News] CLG's Roster Revealed. Goodbye Aphromoo... Reignover And Biofrost Joins The Team.


CLG’s 2018 season roster has been announced.


On CLG’s official homepage on the 26th, CLG revealed their 2018 spring season roster. CLG’s veteran, Aphromoo, has left the team; Reignover and Biofrost have joined.


CLG has won 2 NA LCS titles in North America. The 2 title victories were of course accompanied by  Aphromoo.  Aphromoo had been with CLG since 2012, being one of the best supports in NA. As he left the team, Aphromoo gave his last farewells by saying “Even though I cannot be a part of CLG anymore, I will always be there for CLG.”.


Aphromoo’s empty slot will be filled by Biofrost, who was the former support for TSM. The jungle, which was viewed as CLG’s weak point, is now in the safe hands of Reignover. Although OmarGod is still on CLG’s jungle roster, Reignover is expected to be the starter jungler. Showing not as good of a performance as before, we can only anticipate if Reignover can bounce back to his former prime.


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