Source: IgNar, Former member of Misfits, Is Now Coming Back To The LCK By Joining bbq Olivers


Being apart of Misfits prior, support player IgNar was announced to be a free agent. It has been recently reported that IgNar will now be signed with bbq Olivers.

Through SNS on the 20th this month, IgNar has notified us that his contract with Misfits has expired. After searching for several possible teams, IgNar has made his final decision to choose bbq as his team. According to sources, IgNar has previously stated strongly that he wanted to show his talent in his hometown, Korea. It seems IgNar’s prior statement had a lot of influence in his decision to choose LCK team, bbq.

IgNar started off playing with IM (Longzhu District) in 2015. He later joined kt Rolster in late 2015 and stayed with kt till early 2016. Afterwards in the summer, IgNar settled down with Misfits. Through Misfits’ ups and downs, IgNar has always performed consistently in midst of the negativity.

Afterwards, Misfits exemplified their determination to win the Championships in the quarterfinals of Worlds. Although IgNar lost against SKT T1 in the quarterfinals, he created an unforgettable impression by bringing out non-Ardent Censer champions (Leona and Blitzcrank) and showed an amazing performance.

Although bbq Olivers currently is viewed as the weakest link in the LCK, bbq now has IgNar in their roster. The player that had one of the biggest influences in getting his team so far at Worlds. We will have to see how Ignar’s presence will affect his team.

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