Sources: Dong-hyun “Arrow” Noh to Have Signed a Contract with OpTic Gaming

▲ Dong-hyun "Arrow" Noh


A former AD Carry of P1, Dong-hyun "Arrow" Noh, will be spending another year in the NA LCS.

According to a source from NA, OpTic Gaming has signed a contract with Arrow, successfully recruiting the MVP AD Carry player from 2017 Spring Split.

Arrow had made his debut in 2013 in Xenics Storm and started making a name for himself when he  joined kt Rolster.

After 3 years of being recognized as one of the best AD Carries in the LCK, he transferred to P1 in 2017 and won the MVP title in the Spring. He is said to be the epitome of gaining success in NA, along with Eon-Yeong “Impact” Jeong.

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