Off to a fresh start with a new and strong foundation! Expectations set high for the 2018 NA LCS


Today’s cartoon is about the upcoming NA LCS, with new teams sponsored by traditional sports teams.

Six of the teams who participated in the previous LCS will continue to compete, and four new teams that have been approved by the Riot franchise are now participating. These teams are: OPTIC Gaming, known for its mastery in FPS games, 100 Thieves of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden Guardians of the Golden State Warriors, and Clutch Gaming of the Houston Rockets.

The crucial point to realize is that three of the new four teams joined the NA LCS as a permanent partner with the steady support of traditional sports teams. There had been old sports stars investing in eSports before, but the activeness of many different major sports teams participating in eSports shows that Riot’s franchise model is bigger and more successful than before.

Some of the ‘OG’/beloved teams aren’t in the rosters anymore. However with a strong foothold, the NA LCS is leading it’s way to a better self. Until now, they often fell short from everyone’s expectations. In 2018 with their newly found teams, could NA finally be able to show safe and steady performance in the LoL World Championships? Many fans are watching with keen interest.

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