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Top 5 potential teams of the LCS Pre season



The most exciting time in League of Legends has begun, its offseason and the roster shuffle has begun. So I thought it would be fun to theorycraft some possible lineups, I personally would like to see for the upcoming season. In order to keep everything in shape, I drafted some rules for my five lineups.

1. Only consisting of players that played actively in either NA or EU LCS/CS.
2. It is possible to pick up national soloq talent, EU national league are also viable
3. Can only consist of 5 players in standard import rules.
4. Explain why you think that team would work
5. Every player can only be once on the list. Not consider any roster shuffle rumors

Unleashing TSM


Top - Hauntzer

Jungle - Lira

Mid - Bjergsen

ADC - Doublelift

Support - Biofrost

TSM’s biggest flaws throughout this year have been mostly their early game. Svenskeren would not be able to set up his solo lanes properly making the games more difficult for the team overall. Often times he would lose track of the enemy jungle and lose the pressure not creating the space his leaders need to get an advantage by themselves. Even if Sven was improving in this regard I think TSM could benefit from a much more aggressive jungle in the early. So I think Envy.us Lira could be a good addition to this lineup. He stood out in Envy by constantly creating leads for his by controlling the enemy's jungle. His biggest problem at the moment might be the language barrier, but this is something that could be worked on.

The EU dream team

Top - Viziscasci

Jungle - Maxlore

Mid - Powerofevil

ADC - Zven

Support - Mithy

Thinking about what could be the best team to be built up in Europe, I decided to take a look at the best at their positions in the past European split. There are some interesting options when it comes to bot lane, but I chose to go with Zven and Mithy. They might have had their ups and downs this past two splits however they have been the most consistent bot lane in the past three years and also the best overall. In order to field a solid jungle and mid duo I thought it would be the best to keep teammates together so I decided to go with Misfits Maxlore and Power of Evil. Maxlore has been a surprise for this lineup, we all knew from the spring split this year that the British jungler was talented, but we did not expect for him to pop off like he did in Misfits, he would often lead the team to glory with mid lane and teammate Power of Evil. Together they would snowball the early game to several leads and put their team in the right position to abuse their impressive vision and side wave control. I had a lot of struggles rounding up the roster with a top laner. There were two top laners that I think had a stellar year, but I’ve chosen Viziscasci as the top laner for this lineup. This team needs a solid rock, that will lead the team in every scenario possible. Viziscasci has been this solid rock for the whole year for the Unicorns of Love and playing an important factor in carrying the team to the EU LCS springs Finals in 2017.

Saving Private Fnatic


Top - Soaz

Jungle - Memento

Mid - Perkz

ADC - Rekkles

Support - Hyllisang

Fnatics year could be compared to a rollercoaster ride. The team lead by Swedish star player Rekkles has been struggling the whole year to get it right. The biggest struggles have been with their Mid laner and jungler that have not been able to perform constantly. Broxah that joined them fresh from the soloq ladder and had to adapt to the LCS game so he wasn’t quite ready for the task. And caps wasn’t able to find his solid ground this split. With that, I decided to take Memento who had great performances with Giants in the spring split and with Schalke this summer split. He's aggressive and would set up the team during the early game. To compliment him I would opt for Perkz in the mid lane. He has been extremely consistent and was one of the best mid laners this year. His consistent lane performances should be what Fnatic needs to provide the map pressure or the ability to use opportunities Soaz creates for the team. Last but not least rounding up the team, I decided to pick up a support that has shown the same ability to create plays like Jesiz but would offer at the same time a more consistent performance in laning, so I ended up with Hylissang.


Dethroning TSM


Top - Impact

Jungle - Xmithie

Mid - Jensen

ADC - Sneaky

Support - Olleh

This split Cloud 9 has been in a stellar form. Their success lied on knowing how to cover up their flaws. Jungler contractz, for example, was much for effective when playing aggressive picks such as Nidalee despite the meta shifting to a tank-oriented meta. Despite the team being able to adapt I would opt for Xmithie instead of contractz in the mix. Xmithie would provide a bit more stability and flexibility for the two impressive solo laners to perform during laning phase.

Despite Smoothies great performances when being able to roam or create play, he often lacked in lane pressure leading to losing lanes sometimes. Former Immortals support Olleh has been in his prime form and was one of the best supports this split who would be able to fulfill the same job as Smoothie in the lineup.

NA’s False hope


Top - SSumday

Jungle - Reignover

Mid - Huhi

ADC - Stixxay

Support - Aphromoo    

Despite a mixed performance of CLG this year they weren’t able to qualify for worlds. When they switched jungler's they struggled to make Omargod fit on the roster. The rookie needed his time to adjust to the LCS game and with champion pool problems it wasn’t easy for the rookie. However this wasn’t CLG's only problem during the split and only the foundation of their bot lane Stixxay and Aphromoo would lead them to wins, even with an overall good performance from Huhi. Darshan wasn’t also in his peak form as soon as the meta forced him to play tanks, he wasn’t the carry top laner we know from him. So going into the next season we could use a more consistent control style jungler like reignover. His style isn’t too different from what Xmithie played when they were at their peak form in spring 2016, he would fit right on the roster. Adding to that we could use SSumday, the former KT Rolster top laner is more consistent and more flexible in the metas and has proven to be a consistent treat at the end of the season with Dignitas. Carrying multiple games with his Maokai pick.

Obviously, there is no possibility to mention all of the great players so here are some of the mentions that didn’t make the list, but I see worth keeping track during the off season.

Honorable mentions



Not mentioned Immortals players




Also, I decided to invite fellow creator and Polish League of Legends Analyst to share his expertise and his dream team for the off season.

Tomasz “TheFakeoneGG” Milaniuk (https://twitter.com/TheFakeOneGG)

Lane Kingdom Enhanced


Top - Odoamne

Jungle - Maxlore

Mid - PerkZ

AD Carry - Zven

Support - Mithy

The key word behind the team is stability and consistency. Apart from maybe PerkZ, every player on the roster is insanely consistent. The team would be structured around self-sufficient lanes and a smart jungler-shotcaller, Maxlore. Zven and mithy are obviously the best bot lane in the West which gives the squad a big advantage in the southern parts of the map. With PerkZ and Odoamne in the solo lanes, the team is very versatile as both players have a deep champion pool and can perform well in different roles (tank, more carry oriented, more support oriented etc.). Thanks to the versatility and consistency of the players, there would be no problems with allocating resources.The team would base on very strong individual talent, but since there are no imports, the language barrier would be minimal, while retaining highly skilled players.

(Photo Credit : lolesports Flickr)

Disclaimer: The following article was written freely based on the author's opinion, and it may not necessarily represent Inven Global's editorial stance. 


About the Author:
Hello guys, Alexandre Weber also known under the ID: DrPuppet. I'm a Brazilian professional Coach and content creator since 2015, mostly focused on League of Legends. I worked with many teams throughout the years in major and minor regions, but my most known work was with Kaos Latin Gamers from Chile in 2015, where we played the International Wildcard Finals against Pain Gaming. Since then I have been studying Cinema in Hamburg and creating content on youtube and twitch, besides writing for respected sites in Esports. You can find me on the social networks under @drpuppetlp and on Twitch under DrPuppet.
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