[Source] Impact Said to Have Rejected SKT T1's Offer

SKT T1 reached out but failed to employ Impact.

According to our source, 'SK Telecom T1' reached out to one of their former teammates, Impact, with an offer. However, it is said that Impact turned them down. Throughout the recent months, SKT has been declining in their usual dominance. During the LCK Summer Split of 2017, they were pushed back by LZ and placed 2nd. Also, during the most recent World Championship, SKT dropped their champion title to SSG. It goes without saying that placing 2nd is a great feat itself, but regardless, SKT always carried the lofty expectations of dominance.

Our source also estimates that 'SKT found the source of their underperformance to be in the toplane during their team review, and that is most likely why they were looking to hire Impact'. Also, according to them, there were two reasons as to why Impact decided not to accept the offer.

One was payment issues. The salary SKT offered and the salary Impact desired had a significant difference. Two, Impact felt that the mantle of an SKT player would be a heavy one to take on again. Impact joined 'SKT T1 K' in 2013 and remained with the team until the end of 2014. And during that period of two years, 'SKT T1 K' reached the peak by becoming the best team in the world - but also fell from that peak. 

When his contract with SKT expired, Impact joined the NA scene. After going through 'Team Impulse' and 'NRG eSports', he joined C9 as their starting toplaner. Throughout 2016-2017, Impact performed as expected and became a part of C9's 5th consecutive entry to Worlds. His contract with C9 expired on November 20th, and it is said that he is currently looking for a team that will match his terms. 

SKT's response regarding the news was: "We can't discuss or confirm anything related to player contracts."

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    level 1 arphaxadUSA

    I'm biased in this as C9 is my team and Impact is my favorite player, so I hope he comes back. If not, I would have liked to see him return to SKT.

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