Coach Ssong Signs a Contract Worth Upwards of $300K With TSM

The former coach of Immortals, Ssong, is in the process of joining TSM as the head coach. His estimated pay is double that of what he received during his time in IMT. 

According to an unaffiliated esports agency, Ssong made roughly $150k per year during his time in IMT. For 2018, however, Ssong desired twice the amount of what he was making. According to recent news from other media outlets including 'ESPN', the team that Ssong ended up signing for was TSM. If the contract signing was finalized with Ssong's terms in mind, it's highly likely that he'll make at least twice the amount that he was previously making.

Ssong started coaching for IMT beginning in May. He was acknowledged and praised for his leadership as he pushed a 7th placed team to qualify for the NA LCS Finals and the 2017 World Championship. However, due to the reconstruction of the NA LCS, IMT disbanded their LoL team - leading Ssong to go so far as to look for a new team to coach through his personal SNS. 

On the other hand, due to their failure of making it out of groups during Worlds, TSM received heavy criticism from fans regarding their players and staff. With the news regarding 'Zven and Mithy joining TSM' brought from other outlets including 'Per Sources', many wait in anticipation to see the 2018 TSM.

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    level 1 Carlos_Colon

    If true, this is huge. Not only for Ssong, but for NA LCS and TSM. I admired the work he did with Immortals and I can't wait to see what he does with TSM.

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