[PUBG Invitational] Duo Mode Winner Evermore: “We aim to show everything we got”

On the 17th of November Busan (BEXCO), the 2017 PUBG Asia Invitational was held. On the 1st day of duo matches, KONGDOOREDDOT’s, a Korean team, evermore and FordMustang achieved first place. KONGDOOREDDOT’s evermore performed extremely well and won both the 3rd and 4th round consecutively.

Below are the interview responses from the champion duos evermore and FordMustang.

¤ How does it feel winning in a duo point of view?

evermore: Because we had a lack of practice as a duo, we didn’t have a strategy planned during rounds 1 and 2. However in the 3rd round, we finally got our footing and could play well.



¤ I would assume you guys would have practiced a lot of squads. How did you guys prepare for solo and duos?

evermore: We barely even practiced solo and duos. We mainly just practiced squad.



¤ In the last crucial moments of the 4th round, we saw that evermore would be hiding very patiently. If you had to explain this moment it would be?

evermore: I was trying to calculate where the other players were. I thought to myself that I had to avoid all fights as much as possible until it is a 1v1 scenario.



¤ We saw you, FordMustang, trying to catch up to the zone with a car but dying outside of the zone. Was it a play to opportunistically give to evermore?

FordMustang: No. To be honest, I did that just in case evermore would die going into the zone. I was planning to heal up whilst I was on my way into the zone. Since I didn’t see any enemies in front of us, I stopped the car to heal up but I ended up dying (laughs).



¤ In the last moments of the 3rd round, we saw you let the remaining enemies fight each other and stay back.

evermore: At that moment, I calculated where everyone’s locations were. I used the moving car to hide my footsteps and I moved. Luckily, it worked out well.



¤ What were you thinking about when you were the only one alive on your team? Did you feel a lot of pressure?

evermore: I actually felt more calm and relieved.


¤ Is there a moment today that you wish you could have done better?

evermore: I would have to choose the 1st and 2nd rounds. I played very poorly in the first two rounds.



¤ Are there any particular strategies you guys prepared for squad?

'evermore' : In custom games, we practiced a lot in places to land. If we play as we practiced before, I think everything will go well for us.


FordMustang: We have memorized all the landscapes and buildings for the places we go the most often.



¤ Any last words?

evermore: We still have a lot of flaws as a team. We will practice hard and show a better/more improved performance next time.


FordMustang: Because we are a team that focuses mostly on squad, I think we are very weak when it comes to solo compared to other teams. We aim to show everything we got when it comes to squad.

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