The next chicken dinner is in the desert! - NVIDIA reveals new PUBG Desert Map

NVIDIA(CEO Jenson Huang) revealed 5 screenshots of the new desert map from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds(PUBG).

■ New Desert Map

The screenshots Nvidia released show clear distinction from the original map, ‘Erangel’. There are many scars on buildings in the cities that seem to be damaged from wars. You can find supermarkets as well. Leaving the city, a desert greets you which looks like a scene from ‘Wild Wild West’. Most landscapes have clear views of sand. You can also find small villages, warehouses and townhouses of those from ‘Erangel’.

Oil rigs, canyons, towers and cranes are placed in parts of maps to make sniping more amusing. The cities’ dense built-up areas make farming more intense. Along with the vast desert view, there are less obstacles to cover yourself. As the circle closes up, most of the time, you would find yourself running frantically looking for places to hide, with enemies alongside you doing the same.

■ 5000 Game codes to GeForce Experience users

Celebrating the new desert map, NVidia is giving out free PUBG game codes to 5000 GeForce Experience users. The codes are to be distributed through GeForce Experience clients on Nov. 21, 2017.

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