Skill Details and KR Reactions on the new Absolute Skills for Tamer and Valkyrie

※ Translator’s Note: The term “Absolute” is a temporary translation and is subject to change when the associated update goes live in the NA/EU server. The Korean word is 진(pronounced as Jin), and can be translated to Truth, Absolute, or Nature.


On November 16th, the upgraded main skills, the Absolute skills, have been added for the Tamer and Valkyrie. The Tamer has 21 Absolute Skills, and the Valkyrie has 24 Absolute Skills in total. You need the maximum rank of each main skill to learn the Absolute rank of that skill. The base mechanics of the skills are the same, but the Absolute Skills have higher damage and max number of hits.

For the Tamer, Absolute: Bolt Wave and Absolute: Jolt Wave were extremely powerful compared to other skills, and PvP damage for the skills were nerfed the day after their release. Valkyrie mains were overall positive towards the Absolute Skills of the Valkyrie, but commented that there are no dramatic changes in neither PvE nor PvP.


◆ KR Players' comments on the new Absolute Skills 


▷ I don’t know about Bolt Wave, but Jolt Wave is definitely much stronger now.

▷ Whiplash is also a good skill, but it doesn’t have SA/FG. Anyways, it’s a nice buff for Tamer that Bolt Wave and Jolt Wave are more powerful now.

▷ After the addition of Absolute Skills, I get about 200 more trash loot from Ronaros Forest. It feels nice to sweep away the monsters that I could not finish off before.

▷ It says Void Lightning will have a larger AoE in the Absolute tier. This should be pretty useful in PvE.

▷ I’ve tested for an hour. Bolt Wave, Jolt Wave, Flash, Void Lightning, Fearful Trembling, and Surging Tide are the skills that are good in the Absolute tier.

[Tamer after the nerf on PvP damage for Absolute: Bolt Wave and Absolute: Jolt Wave]

▷ I kind of saw this nerf coming. But the damage isn’t really bad even after the nerf.

▷ The damage was extremely high, so the skill is still powerful even after the nerf. Plus, the damage is still the same in PvE.

▷ I have 190 main AP and tried grinding in Manshaum for 30 min. I can grind smoothly with Bolt Wave, Jolt Wave, and Whiplash, but have to keep an eye on my HP because there are skills that recover HP.  

= Level 59 Tamer grinding at Shultz using Absolute Skills (Video Credit : KR Inven - Ephiloria)




▷ 10 second less cooldown for Breath of Elion. That’s nice.

▷ Shield Throw can deal 1000% damage instead of 300%, but I’m probably only going to use Breath of Elion and Heaven’s Echo.

▷ Some say that Judgment of Light is weak, but in PvE the skill is actually not that bad as the skill’s AoE is pretty big.

▷ The Absolute Skills have higher damage percentage, but they still have small number of hits, so you need more Accuracy for more damage.

▷ Choosing Absolute Skills over Awakening skills won’t give you any benefits.

▷ I can tell that the skills got more powerful, but it’s not like they can change the course of PvP and/or grinding speed.

▷ I’ve grinded for an hour, and I don’t think the Absolute Skills are any better than Awakening skills.

= Absolute: Judgment of Light with Black Spirit's Rage (Video Credit : KR Inven - Arrivederci)



◆ Details on the new Absolute Skills for Tamer and Valkyrie



▲ Absolute: Leaf Slash
(Damage 510%)
▲ Absolute: Soaring Kick
(Damage 521%, Max 10 targets)
▲ Absolute: Tree Climb
(Damage 305%, Extra hit damage 488%, Max 10 targets)
▲ Absolute: Flash
(Damage 941%, Damage reduced in PVP)
▲ Absolute: Flurry of Kicks
(Damage 432%)
▲ Absolute: Evasive Attack
(Damage 257%)
▲ Absolute: Stretch Kick
(1 Hit damage 562%, 2 Hit damage 730.6%, Max 10 targets)
▲ Absolute: Throat-Burn
(Damage 786%, Damage reduced in PVP)
▲ Absolute: Stance Shift
(Damage 736%, Critical hit rate +100%, Damage reduced in PVP)
▲ Absolute: Flash Pole Thrust
(Damage 1248%, Damage reduced in PVP)
▲ Absolute: Jolt Wave
(Damage 1180%)
▲ Absolute: Whiplash
(Damage 975%)
▲ Absolute: Bolt Wave
(Damage 604%, Critical hit rate +100%)
▲ Absolute: Surging Tide
(Damage 812%, Critical hit rate +50%, Max 10 targets, Damage reduced in PVP)
▲ Absolute: Scratch
(Damage 577%, Max 10 targets)
▲ Absolute: Fearful Trumbling
(Damage 1627%, Critical hit rate +50%)
▲ Absolute: Upward Claw
(Damage 785%, Extra hit damage 785%, Damage reduced in PVP)
▲ Absolute: Void Lightning
(Damage 722%, Attak range up)
▲ Absolute: Roaring
(Damage 875%, Extra hit damage 1138%)
▲ Absolute: Trample
(Damage 875%, Damage reduced in PVP)
▲ Absolute: Lightning of Earth
(1, 2 Hit damage 707%, 3 Hit damage 1202%)


▲ Absolute: Valkyrie Slash
(Damage 425%, Max 10 targets)
▲ Absolute: Forward Slash
(Damage 551%)
▲ Absolute: Charging Slash
(Damage 524%)
▲ Absolute: Sideways Cut
(Damage 400%)
▲ Absolute: Severing Light
(Damage 681%, Critical hit rate +100%, Max 10 targets)
▲ Absolute: Breath of Elion
▲ Absolute: Counter
(Damage 525% Spin hit damage 454%, Damage reduced in PVP)
▲ Absolute: Shield Strike
(Damage 572%, Damage reduced in PVP)
▲ Absolute: Flurry of Kicks
(Damage 582%)
▲ Absolute: Skyward Strike
(Damage 725%, Accuracy rate +10%)
▲ Absolute: Sword of Judgment
(Damage 1325%, Extra hit damage 1522%)
▲ Absolute: Punishment
(Damage 675%, All DP +10 for 5 sec upon using skill)
▲ Absolute: Flow Double Flying kick
(Damage 660%)
▲ Absolute: Divine Power
(Damage 946%)
▲ Absolute: Just Counter
(Damage 1340%, Damage reduced in PVP)
▲ Absolute: Shield Throw
(Damage 993%)
▲ Absolute: Righteous Charge
(Damage 624%, Explosion hit damage 624%, Extra hit damage 1872%, Damage reduced in PVP)
▲ Absolute: Sharp Light
(Damage 765%, Damage reduced in cooldown, Damage reduced in PVP)
▲ Absolute: Glaring Slash
(Damage 1325%)
▲ Absolute: Judgment of Light
(Damage 1240%, Damage reduced in PVP)
▲ Absolute: Celestial Spear
(Damage 684%)
▲ Absolute: Heaven's Echo
▲ Absolute: Flying Kick
(Damage 624%)
▲ Absolute: Shining Dash
(Damage 1356%, Stab damage 1356%)

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