Jungle Ezreal Again? Now, It is time for Kleptomancy Ezreal

In the new rune system implemented on Patch 7.22, there is a champion that has obtained an incredibly high win rate. A champion that has scored a 56.99% winrate, placing 1st place, amongst the ADCs. Compared to the previous patch, this champion has gained over 6% in win rate.


The win rate did not increase abnormally because of a few one tricks either. This champion has a pick rate of 26.14%. This champion is so frequent that I could see this champion at least once per game. This is how much love this certain champion is receiving.


What is this champion you say? The champion that went for a little trip in the jungle. The steady seller, Ezreal.

◈ Ezreal Again?


The reason why Ezreal has been making his way through the meta is because of the newly implemented runes. The synergy between ‘Kleptomancy’ and ‘Future’s Market’ fits really well with Ezreal. Kleptomancy allows your first attack after using an ability on champions to grant gold and sometimes consumables. In Ezreal’s case, his Q, Mystic Shot, procs on hit effects. Because of this every time you land a Mystic Shot, you can easily gain additional gold.


On top of all this, Future’s Market allows you to buy items that are beyond your current gold holdings. This allows an increased progression on item purchase compared to that of before. After the patch where ‘Tear of the Goddess’ now stacks at a more consistent and faster rate, the time Ezreal takes to now upgrade to ‘Manamune’ and furthermore to ‘Muramana’ has been significantly shortened.


Compared to other marksman champions, Ezreal gains a noticeable spike from items. Due to the Kleptomancy and Future’s Market alongside previous patches, Ezreal has finally gained the upper hand and has risen to the A tier within ADCs.


◈ What about Ezreal’s full rune settings?


The quintessential rune to have is Kleptomancy and Future’s Market. The rest of the runes is used to allow Ezreal to spam his Q as much as possible with little mana restrictions. ‘Biscuit Delivery’ and ‘Manaflow Band’ both give Ezreal 15% + 8% mana. This allows Ezreal to freely/nonstop cast Q in lane.


In addition, ‘Cosmic Insight’ gives Ezreal more cooldown reduction leading to an even more frequent spam in Q. ‘Scorch’ gives the spammability the added synergy of doing extra damage that Ezreal may lack. With this setup, Ezreal has been able to record a 62.45% win rate in the first 25 minutes and 58.77% win rate at 30 minutes into the game. Ezreal has become the monster to be feared by all in lane.

◈ What is Ezreal’s synergistic Kleptomancy consumable drop rate?

Kleptomancy is helping Ezreal reach his heyday. Kleptomancy, on top of the extra gold, grants a chance to obtain a random consumable when you hit an ability on an enemy. If this is the case, what will be the chance of you obtaining this random consumable?


Inven user, 'looka’, used the site’s notice board to calculate this percentage. looka attempted the proc on Kleptomancy 1,600 times in order to gain an accurate estimate. According to looka’s research everytime Ezreal lands his Q, there is a 33.5% chance of the consumable to drop. Below is the probability for each individual consumable to drop.


Kleptomancy consumable drop rate (Lv.1~4, Lv 5~8, Total : 33.5%)

◈ A tier ADC, Ezreal. Try it yourself before it gets nerfed!

The fun in playing Ezreal has two main points. Firstly, the fun of hitting several skillshots in a row. Secondly, the fun of dodging enemy's skills through 'Arcane Shift’. As if landing the Q on Ezreal was not fun already, the fact that you gain an additional consumable just adds on more pleasure.

In the current state of the reorganization of the runes resulting in an overall downfall of average game time, Ezreal is taking full advantage of this with an incredibly strong laning phase. Ezreal is the new OP champion. Since no one knows what will change after the pre-season, you guys need to try out this fun and strong Ezreal now!

However, there is one thing you guys should keep in mind. Ezreal’s win rate drops to 43% when the game goes past 40 minutes. This is due to the outscale potential of other marksman runes. Other marksman runes are able to perform and output more damage in the late game. Since Ezreal is unbelievably strong in the early game, Ezreal in the right hands (highly skilled summoner) should be able to close out the game before 40 minutes.

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