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New Dream Horse Dine: Screenshots and how to obtain


With Kamasylvia Part 2, a new Dream Horse, Dine, has been added in Black Desert Online NA/EU. Like Arduanatt, the Tier 9 Horse in BDO, Dine is a Tier 9 Horse with high stats and exclusive horse skills.

When a T8 Courser successfully awakens and becomes Dine, she will be born with 3 skills. Dine has Courser’s Spirit and Double Jump, which are the same ones that Arduanatt has, and an exclusive skilled called “Earth of Life”. Earth of Life is a skill that heals Dine and friendly targets around her. The skill recovers 200 HP and 100 MP/WP/SP every 3 seconds for 30 seconds, and the maximum number of targets is 10.

Dine has a shiny golden mane and a pure white body with a glowing tattoo on it. Unlike Arduanatt, which has a feather-like mane and giant wings, Dine has a unicorn horn on her forehead. Also, a trail of golden footprints appears along every trail Dine treads.


▲ Dine the Dream Horse can heal party members.
▲ Earth of Life is a healing skill that will heal others for 30 seconds.


In order to obtain Dine, you have to go through the same process you do to get Arduanatt. First you have to train your T8 Courser in the Stonetail Horse Ranch. You can train your horse in three different areas: Strength, Skill, and Elegance. If you have more than 200% training exp in total, you can try to awaken your horse. Strength Training requires Pure Forest Breath or Deep Blue Hoof Root; Elegance Training requires Breezy Conch Seawood or Spirit Pouch of Ferocious Beast; and Skill Training requires Rainbow Fruit Gem or Stonetail Fodder.

If you have enough training exp, you can try to awaken your horse. Awakening your horse will use 1 Krogdalo’s Origin Stone, and the item will be consumed regardless of whether the Awakening is a success. Krogdalo’s Origin Stone is obtainable by synthesizing 25 Swaying Wind Shards (can be exchanged with Imperial Training Seals) and 25 Rumbling Earth Shards (can be exchanged with Horse Race Seals) together through Simple Alchemy.

If your T8 horse successfully awakens, you will get a random Dream Horse. However, as of a recent KR update, you can now increase the chance of getting either Dine or Arduanatt by focusing on one area when you are training your Courser. When the training meters for Skill and Elegance are over 100%, the chance of getting Arduanatt will increase and the chance of getting Dine will increase when Elegance is higher. Strength training points will be shared between Skill and Elegance equally for now, but will contribute to the chance of getting Doom in the future, which will be the third Dream Horse.

If you want Dine, train Strength and Elegance to the maximum and train Skill to the minimum. If you want Arduanatt, you can train Strength and Skill to the maximum while training Elegance to the minimum. The maximum exp you can get in each area is 180%, and the chance of getting a specific Dream Horse will increase up to 90%. However, the exp increases by 0.5% per material, not 1% per material, when the training meter is above 100%. If you want to train one area to 180%, you will need a total of 260 materials.


▲ Train your T8 Courser in the Stonetail Horse Ranch.
▲ Focus on Skill to get Arduanatt, and focus on Elegance to get Dine.


Screenshots of Dine


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      Here's a video of Dine's Double Jump. Thanks!

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    Don't like its design too much. And a horn is like a bottle-screw. I think it can be improved.

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