Illinois Prodigy, Palatine High School "RobbyBob" Interview

The HSEL Fall Majors have been underway for 3 weeks now. As the competition heats up, the up and coming star students further strive to make themselves known to the world of esports. We will be taking a look at someone who definitely has a shot at winning it all: please meet our student competitor, the 17-year-old Robert “RobbyBob” Wieber. Robert is halfway through his senior year at Palatine High School, Illinois and is currently a Challenger level League of Legends player, meaning he is in the top 200 best players in the North American ladder (source: Today we asked Robby some important life questions on what he thinks of esports as a whole.


How did you get into gaming, Robby?

   When I was younger - maybe around, oh, I would say 6-7 - I would always watch my brother play games. I would sit on a couch and watch him play Xbox games like Call Of Duty or Halo; They always seemed so interesting to me when I would watch. I soon got a Wii from my mom and I would be on it every day I could be. When I turned 10 years old, I got Halo 3 and played that all day. From age 10 to 14, I would stay up long nights to play Xbox with friends.


How were you able to reach such a high rank on the ladder?

   When I was climbing Masters to Challenger I had a certain mix of emotions. I felt saddened that maybe I wouldn't make it because of my skill level, or that my team was holding me back. I had multiple people message me online, saying that I could do it, which really cheered me up. After winning one and losing one, I went on a massive win streak; I felt like I was playing my heart out. I ended up achieving Challenger for the first time in solo queue ever on October 8th, 2017.


What was the impact that League of Legends has had on your life?

   In 2014 I picked up League. In the middle of the year I lost some family members, which lead to me falling into depression. My mentality was not in a good spot. All I would do is get home and play League constantly. It was my break from reality. I feel that League improved my life thanks to the people I met on there...


Did your school tell you about HSEL? And if not, who did?

   My friend on my team told me about it, so I decided that joining was a great way to grow as a team. I feel the league is going well. The staff has been very supportive so far, which is very nice.


What do you expect to gain out of HSEL and your future career of esports?

   Learning what it takes to be a leader is a massive goal for me because I am very shy when in school, and even outside of it. I have never been the kid someone would think much about. That's not to say that people hated me, but learning to become a person who can lead their group members would be a big achievement for me. But if an offer came around where I would [have the chance to] become a pro player or staff member of a team, that would be super exciting and I would definitely accept that.


Finally, how has HSEL affected you and your teammates, and what would you like to say to anyone who is thinking about joining HSEL or becoming a better player overall?

   HSEL has been a great tournament so far and I recommend it to any high school team looking to go further down the line of esports. In terms of improving, having the determination and drive to get better at the game will improve your gameplay substantially.


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