New LCK Studio, 'LoL Park' to Open in September 2018. Riot Will Broadcast Themselves

▲ Estimated picture of how 'LoL Park' will look like

On the 13th of November, Riot Korea held a presentation about the new LCK studio. For the presentation, Riot Korea's president, Lee Seung-Hyun, and the esports director, Oh Sang-Hun, made an appearance. 

For the upcoming LCK studio, Riot Korea gave it the name, 'LoL Park'. Although the presentation lacked detailed pictures, we were given brief information about its location and size. Future LCK games will take place on the 3rd floor of 'Gran Seoul'(그랑서울), which is located near Seoul Metro's 'Jong-Gak Station'. The stadium is about 56900 sq.ft, and it will be capable of holding around 400~450 screaming fans at once.

The LCK studio will be built in an "arena" shape with players being at the center of the building while seats surround them. Riot has also planned to build the studio to come with some fantastic players' locker rooms and a tunnel entrance for the teams to enter and exit. The room will also be very spacious, with the ceiling being 8 meters off the ground. The seats will also be leveled so that every fan will be able to see the screen with no blockage. To improve the viewing experience even further, there will be 3 high definition screens atop the stage. In addition, there will be food trays, cup holders, USB charging ports, and small storage areas on the seats.

A 'PC Bang(Internet Cafe)' will be built inside the studio specifically for the fans - and you won't be limited to only League of Legends. Alongside the PC Bang, another fantastic facility, a coffee shop called Bilgewater, will be built at the studio. The construction will begin in January and is planned to open in September of 2018.

Also, just like the NA and EU LCS, the LCK will now be broadcasted by Riot themselves. They're currently in the works of hiring existing PD and other talents. Regarding this matter, Riot Korea's representative, Lee Seung-Hyun commented, "Just because we are planning to broadcast LCK doesn't mean we're cutting our ties with OGN or SPOTV. We will continue to work together." As of this moment, their planned method of broadcasting and streaming hasn't been decided yet.

Riot also gave us information regarding the broadcast team that will be established at the new studio. "The fans' love is the most important. Starting next year, we'll give our ears to the fans and choose considerately and correctly."

To finalize the presentation, Lee Seung-Hyun stated, "LCK and LoL esports as a whole was able to develop like this due to the players' efforts and the fans' support. Riot Games invested close to 30 billion won (Approx. 28,000,000 USD). In order to bring LoL even closer to esports, we'll start investing even more."

▲ Riot's investment in KR esports
▲ There is much more spent than gained
▲ The entrance tunnel for the players

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