New vs. Hard: What're Your Opinions Towards the New Rune System?


Today's editorial cartoon is about the new preseason rune system.

Many subtle changes accompanied patches/updates in the past, but it has been quite some time since we've had an update as big as the one that just recently hit the live servers. The biggest change was the new rune system.

The previous rune and mastery system was combined, getting rid of all the old runes in the process; but the new system added much more diversity to champion builds, allowing you to play your champion in whichever way you'd want. Also, the old form of in-game currency that was mainly used to purchase runes, IP, was also removed.

The League community has shown both positive and negative reactions towards the update. In one hand, we have players who are highly anticipating the changes; welcoming the new way to play. On the other hand, some players are showing concerns that the changes are too complicated; as mastering the "new" to perfect it into your playstyle - that has already adapted to the old way of playing - could be seen as difficult. To get a better understanding of the new system, many players are opting into watching professional players' streams - as no matter how complicated a problem may seem, someone out there will always find an answer.

There's positivity towards the new update as it has introduced a new and interesting way to play the game. But also, at the same time, some fans have shown complaint that it has made the game harder and complex. Where do you stand amidst this? Have you found your build and runes? Or are you still looking for it?

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